Social Work Month 2020

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The theme for Social Work Month 2020 is 'Generations Strong'. The Social Work Profession for generations has worked to strengthen the well-being and meet the basic needs of all people, especially people who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty. As we enter a new decade, we honor the positive contributions social workers have made to impact the lives of every single American over generations. We also recognize how social workers are continuing to address the needs of society and bring our nation’s social problems to the public’s attention. Click the generations strong icon to learn more about this year's theme!

Social Worker Month Poster FullSocial work is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, with more than 700,000 social workers each day meeting people where they are and helping them live to their fullest potential. Social workers are found everywhere in society, in schools, centers for veterans, health care facilities, corporations and in local, state and federal government to name a few. Social work employment is projected to grow 16 percent by 2026, must faster than the average for all occupations. We hope you are mindful of and encouraged by the month of March, as it is a time to recognize the heroic work of social workers, and to carry on the legacy of improving the quality of life in our nation on the individual, family, community and national level. 

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NASW provides inspiring podcasts from a number of professionals in the field; whether you're interested in learning more about advocating for increased social worker pay, learning effective human trafficking interventions, or increasing your cultural competency within the LGBTQIA community, there is a podcast for you! Click here to access the available podcasts. Additionally, you can show support for your profession with these gifts from the NASW.