Church Consultation

At C3I, we believe that congregational community engagement involves knowledge, skills, and values that connect with the true heart of a congregation. Applying to the C3I Church Network enables congregations to receive evidence-based consultation expertise regarding congregational health specifically as it relates to congregation-based community change or impact.

C3I also believes that a healthy congregation is one that cares for its members, community, and global world. The Church creates emotionally and physically safe spaces for all individuals and groups as well as conversations regarding challenging and divisive issues that the church and community are facing. Finally, a healthy congregation celebrates all voices of its members as well as the diverse voices of its community and world through in specific, tangible acts of inclusion, active listening and collaboration.

Throughout the consultation process, C3I utilizes evidence-based tools such as congregational asset mapping, community-based asset mapping, and appreciative inquiry to help congregations have a deeper understanding of their community and opportunities for growth. C3I will also provide training on the major areas influencing your congregation such as trauma, poverty, or community engagement. Because each congregation is unique, this process is not always linear and will differ depending on the congregation. At our core, C3I aims to teach congregations how to measure their impact in positively creating change alongside their communities.


Things to consider

  • Is your congregation interested in better connecting with and serving in its community?
  • Is your benevolence program effective and honoring?
  • Has your congregation been serving for many years but feeling a bit of a plateau?
  • Have you ever wondered if you’re making a measurable impact in your community? 

Our fees for service vary, depending on the level of involvement of our team and the complexity of the effort, please contact us by clicking here