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While we are working on adding resource lists to our website, if you have a need for resources on a specific topic, please let us know.

Until then, read the writings below from current students, alumni, and current faculty and staff on topics within social work that impact congregations and communities:


Congregations and social work: Moving into the unexpected

From disorientation to reorientation: Turning forced isolation into Sabbath experiences

Seeing the unexpected: Connected congregations and social work

Social Distancing as an act of sacred mercy

Race Relations

After MLK Day and Black History Month, now what?

Spiritual Formation

Bigger: The sanctuary of nature and the presence of God. 

Discovering your community through the practice of the labyrinth

Love your neighbors but don't forget God and yourself

Naked and Ashamed: American Christianity's purity culture and embodiment in the Church

Pastors "get real" with congregations

Spiritual Formation: One Season at a Time

Where is Home for You?


Grief, the holidays, and the Church

Spiritual Care and First Responders: Why Bother?

Spiritual Trauma and Congregations: A Missing Link

What Collective Trauma Teaches Congregations

Why All Congregational Ministry Should be Trauma Ministry