Katie Powell



  • Crawford, Texas
Campus Location
Headshot of Katie Powell
  • Waco Campus
Graduation Year
  • 2021
Favorite restaurant
  • Cafe Cappucino
Why did you choose Baylor's MSW Program?
  • Baylor is close to home, I know people who have been through the program, and I love that they integrate faith into practice. 
What is a cause you are passionate about?
  • Mental health in adolescents and college students.
How does a Master of Social Work degree fit into your career plan?
  • I want to get my LCSW and counsel young adults. 
What is a piece of advice you would give a prospective student
  • Get to know the people in your cohort and your professors, and ask questions! 

Unique characteristics about yourself

  • I'm a runner, and love being outside, and coffee.