Rosemary Watson


  • Baton Rouge, LA
Campus Location
  • Waco Campus
Graduation Year
  • BSW (May 2018) MSW (May 2019)
Favorite restaurant
  • Clay Pot
Why did you choose Baylor's MSW Program?
  • After doing my undergraduate degree in Social Work at Baylor, I knew the faculty and staff so well and already felt supported. The professional and personal support I received during my time as an undergraduate student made me realize that the community here was unique. The standard of excellence we were held to in undergrad was also something that kept me here. I knew that I would be held to high standards and taught well in order to reach those standards in this program. There was no other place that I felt I would be as supported or as prepared for the field
What is a cause you are passionate about?
  • I am very passionate about child welfare and healing of family units. Broken families can often lead to many other life events that can drastically decrease the quality of someone’s life, especially children. I hope to be able to intervene and support these children and families.
How does a Master of Social Work degree fit into your career plan?
  • Upon taking my licensure exam in the next couple of months and graduating, I plan to use my LMSW license to work with children and families in need of support. I have a specific interest in group residential organizations and other residential settings for children and adolescents
What is a piece of advice you would give a prospective student
  • I would tell a prospective student that they do not need to have extremely specific interests to work in the field of social work. The areas and opportunities for careers in this field are numerous. You are not “stuck” in any sort of interest. There is so much versatility with this professional degree!
Unique characteristic about yourself
  • My parents, twin sister, and some extended family members are all deaf. I am fluent in American Sign Language and have a passion for the Deaf community and Deaf culture!