Bianca Smith


  • Gulfport, MS
Campus Location
  • Houston Campus
Graduation Year
  • May 2019
Favorite restaurant
  • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
Why did you choose Baylor's MSW Program?
  • Baylor’s mission to integrate faith and practice were most attractive to me! I didn’t want just another degree. I desired competency. Early on in life, I understood how my faith served as a source of strength. I could only imagine how much more effective I’d be as a clinician if I assist clients in tapping into their own faith during tough times.
What is a cause you are passionate about?
  • I am passionate about advocating for victims of crime. I vow to offer every client ways to turn their pain into power. There are some aspects of both community and clinical practice that pique my interest, so I will not confine my services to an office setting. I think the most effective social work happens when we meet clients where they are...and for me that means physically meeting them where they.
How does a Master of Social Work degree fit into your career plan?
  • After a study abroad course, I became interested in international social work and would love for that to be my first career upon graduation! Additional goals include becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and establishing my own private practice.
What is a piece of advice you would give a prospective student
  • Success is often commensurated with sacrifice. I've sacrificed a lot during my time as a Graduate Student, and it has led to my success in so many areas: course work, building relationships, and exploring social work domestically and abroad. If you're willing to make sacrifices, you're bound to be successful!
Unique characteristic about yourself
  • I published my first book during my foundation year.