Gabie Pointer


  • Little Rock, AR
Campus Location
    Headshot of Gabie Pointer
  • Waco Campus
Graduation Year
  • 2021
Favorite restaurant
  • Baris (Italian restaurant)
Why did you choose Baylor's MSW Program?
  • I came to visit the school of social work as a Senior in high school. I met Dr. Singletary and other staff members that made me feel at home. Baylor’s unique way focus on integration of faith and practice was also extremely appealing to me. The academic rigorous and caring environment that Baylor fosters led me to want to pursue both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
What is a cause you are passionate about?
  • I am truly passionate about working within the realm child welfare in low socio- economic status communities. Working with and for children is close to my heart. In the future, I hope to work in micro and macro levels of social work.
How does a Master of Social Work degree fit into your career plan?
  • By earning my MSW, I will have more professional training that will prepare me to work with a wider array of clients and agencies.
What is a piece of advice you would give a prospective student
  • While being heavily involved in your studies is important so is building community. Make sure you feel like you are attending a school where you are more than a number. Having a sense of community will help you make it through the next 4+ years of your undergraduate experience.
Unique characteristic about yourself
  • I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain as a sophomore and travel to Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon!