Meet Taylor Anderson

2017 BSW Outstanding Student...award winner with a servant's heart


Taylor Anderson grew up in a small town in North Dakota, raised by her mother and grandfather who taught her the importance of a strong work ethic, a good education, and service to others. She has developed a heart for mental health and is as a bold advocate for the underprivileged. Social Work has been the perfect fit for her.

While working on her BSW, Taylor had the opportunity to intern for the Waco Center for Youth, a residential treatment center for teenagers with emotional difficulties and/or behavioral problems. She met weekly with young clients, many of whom were diagnosed with autism, and sought to help them learn that even though they may not control all of their circumstances, they could learn how to better manage themselves…by learning new life skills and coping mechanisms and learning how to focus on what they could control.  

In the future, Taylor would like to explore teaching these skills in other venues where mental health issues are prevalent such as in prisons, or at the Veterans Administration where so many veterans struggle with PTSD. Taylor is a courageous, compassionate student who hopes to become a licensed clinical social worker so she can continue working with populations who need just a bit of help adjusting to life and new situations.

Taylor graduated top in her high school class and transferred to Baylor in 2014, from Williston State College where she earned an associate of arts and an associate of applied science in mental health and addiction studies. She chose to make the trek to Baylor because of its reputation for excellence, because of her need to explore new things and because Texas typically doesn’t have snow and 20-degree-below weather! 

“It’s clear to me that God wanted me here in Waco, Texas, at the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work so that I could be surrounded by these amazing people and have these amazing experiences that will forever have an impact on my heart and mind as I prepare for a career in the field that I and so many of us love,” Taylor said.

In May, Taylor graduated with her BSW and will begin the MSW program this fall.