Meet Lindsey Belus

2016 BSW Outstanding Student 


Listening to her talk about her GSSW experience with quiet confidence and assurance, you’d never know that Lindsey Belus hadn’t considered being a social worker before coming to Baylor.

“I came into Baylor as a business major, but second semester of my freshman year, I just felt like it wasn’t for me,” Lindsey said. “I went to career counseling and pretty quickly discovered that social work was the right fit. I just knew I wanted to help people.”

Lindsey knew she’d made the right decision when she became part of the welcoming, encouraging community at the GSSW.

“In class, it was easy to be competitive, but everyone was always just cheering each other on,” Lindsey said. “I felt like I had the opportunity to build relationships with everyone.”

Lindsey’s ministry and missions experience led her to follow a calling by pursuing a social work degree. She hopes to work in foster care and adoption, both domestically and internationally. One trip in particular to India during her sophomore year got Lindsey’s attention in a major way.

“I was overwhelmed by the amount of beggar children on the streets,” Lindsey said. “They would tug on our skirts as we crossed the streets, signaling with their hands that they were hungry. I’d never seen poverty in such extreme circumstances, and I knew no child should have to live like that.”

Lindsey’s internship with Antioch Community Church’s STARS Mentoring Program allowed her to gain first-hand experience as she mentored children through book clubs at local elementary schools. She said that job gave her the opportunity to directly utilize the community development skills she studied in class.

“Another intern and I started a case management program, and many of our STARS parents contacted the church if they needed something,” Lindsey said. “We were able to set up a system for them to get the things they need, and everything I knew to do for that I learned in class.”

Lindsey graduated in May and is taking a gap year before entering the MSW program, but it won’t be much of a break.

“I plan on working with the kids’ ministry at Antioch and participating in their discipleship school,” Lindsey said. “I’d like to spend the spring semester in Europe working with the refugees there. The refugee crisis is always changing, so I’ll go wherever I’m needed.”