Spanish Fluency Resources

Social workers are culturally and linguistically competent leaders who are able to serve Spanish-speaking persons, families, and communities.

The need for bilingual social workers is growing locally and nationally. Spanish-speaking persons comprise the state’s largest ethnic population. Spanish-speaking professionals are under-represented in social work and other health professions, making it less likely that community services address the cultural and linguistic strengths and needs of this ethnic population. 

The Diana R. Garland School of Social Work is committed to the recruitment and preparation of MSW students with a deep interest in engaging the challenges of Spanish-speaking persons, families, and communities. The GSSW seeks to equip future advanced practice leaders and current practitioners with the professional, cultural, and linguistic competencies to prevent and alleviate personal, familial, and structural barriers to spiritual, personal, and relational wellness and quality of life.

Through this commitment to learning, GSSW aims to equip social work students and professionals to be able to: 

  • fluently apply current research and practical educational resources into competent practice with Spanish-speaking persons, families, and communities
  • effectively promote the dissemination of best practices and capacity-building within a network of experienced and committed colleagues
  • productively engage the ethical integration of spirituality, congregations, and religiously-affiliated organizations with social work practice