MSW Degree Requirements


Master of Social Work Degree Requirements

What do you need to become a social worker? Read on to explore the degree requirements for Baylor University’s social work graduate programs!

The Standard Program at Baylor University consists of 60 semester hours, which includes credit for two internships. The first year of study provides you with the foundation for direct practice, administration, and community development.You begin your internship during your first semester. In the second year, you choose a specialization in Clinical or Community Practice. You also may choose a concentration in one field within your specialization, such as services to children and their families, gerontology, death and grief, international social work and cross-cultural practice. After completing a second internship, you participate in a one-week capstone seminar before graduating.

Advanced Standing

The Advanced Standing program is designed for students who have completed a BSW from an accredited CSWE program. The Advanced Standing program begins with three hours of Advanced Standing Seminars during August. Graduates of Baylor's BSW program are not required to attend these seminars. Students begin an advanced internship in the fall semester and complete a research project based on their internship. With national and local placements, students have an opportunity to obtain a field placement in Waco, Texas, and other states. Before graduation, students complete a one-week Capstone course culminating in a professional presentation at Colloquium.

Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work

Baylor University's George W. Truett Theological Seminary and Diana R. Garland School of Social Work offer a joint degree program that will prepare students to provide leadership and service through congregations, religiously affiliated organizations and faith communities. Church agencies (family and children's agencies, gerontology programs, and community ministries in urban areas and international missions) need professional social workers. What's more, congregations often need the consultation and leadership in family and community ministry that social workers can provide. In many of these settings, the MDiv degree strengthens social workers' preparation for church leadership. Often an MDiv or other graduate seminary degree is a requirement to hold congregational leadership positions, including that of chief executive officer at church-related agencies. This degree program provides dual competency in these areas. One month before graduation, students return to campus for the Capstone Seminar.

Master of Theological Studies/Master of Social Work

Baylor University's George W. Truett Theological Seminary and Diana R. Garland School of Social Work also offer the Master of Theological Studies and the Master of Social Work joint degree (MTS-MSW) which provides an interdisciplinary option for students to develop competency in Christian scriptures and theology, global missions, Baptist identity, as well as advanced social work practice within congregations and religiously-affiliated organizations. The MTS-MSW joint degree program provides these students with an opportunity to prepare for community ministry through mastery of advanced social work knowledge and practice that is grounded in foundational Christian theology, scriptures, traditions, missions, and Baptist identity.

Master of Social Work/Master of Business Administration

Baylor University's Diana R. Garland School of Social Work and the Hankamer School of Business offer a MSW/MBA joint degree which is designed to educate leaders who are prepared to effectively implement financial strategies, transform organizational behavior, and activate marketing strategies to sustain and improve human services organizations. As the demand for social workers increases with the privatization of social services, so does the need for social workers to be prepared to serve as leaders of human service organizations. The Master of Social Work program prepares students to work with individuals, communities, and society through concentrations in children and families, physical and mental health, and community practice. The Masters in Business Administration program prepares students to serve as leaders in generalist business roles. The joint degree will groom social work and business administration graduates to serve as administrators, executive directors, and innovators in human service organizations. In addition, the MSW/MBA will equip and encourage graduates to develop human service organizations nationally and internationally, serving in developing countries or underserved urban areas where human needs are great and resources are scarce.

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