Meet Paul Conteh

Preparing to change the world
This GML student looks forward to making a difference in his home country
Paul Conteh 2014

For Paul Conteh, a student from Sierra Leone, Baylor School of Social Work’s Global Mission Leadership Initiative (GML) is providing tools for his dreams of being a catalyst in his home nation. Paul’s plans will become a reality that changes lives when he returns.

"When I go back, I want to use the media as a platform to engage policy makers on issues effecting poverty in my country," Paul said. "I think we need to be a voice to bridge the gap between the people and the political world, and I think Baylor is giving me the right tools to engage in those conversations. I want to start a radio station to [become part of] those conversations."

As part of his degree, Paul had the opportunity to return home this summer and complete an internship, which focused on developing educational programs for orphans. When Paul graduates in 2015, he will be equipped to bridge the gap for people in his nation.