Current Students

The School offers students many opportunities for leadership development, academic scholarship and community-building.

Leadership Development
  • Student Organizations
  • Committee Service
  • One way to develop leadership skills is to get involved in committee service. The School has student representation on its administrative committees and also on the Board of Advocates. Students can also participate on degree advisory councils.
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • The School recognizes outstanding student leadership with various awards during our Family Dinner Celebration.

Academic Scholarship

Community Building
  • Student Lounge and Student Computer Lab
  • Between classes or for a study group meeting, kick back and relax in the School's Student Lounge. The Grace Table offers a steady supply of snacks. The Student Computer Lab is open daily from 8am-5pm.
  • Fellowship and Fun
  • Click for more information about our traditions and events.
  • Stay Connected
  • Keep current on all the activities and events of the School by following the weekly e-newsletter, The Voice, following us on Facebook, and checking the lobby monitor.