What They are Saying

Soccer Player in Action

How would you compare us to other soccer camps you have attended in the past?

  • Other camps we have attended have been co-ed. My daughter loves this camp because it is very challenging and she bonds with the female coaches who are very good role models. I very much appreciated Marci's comments at the closing ceremony about the importance of school, nutrition, fitness and a well-rounded person. That is exactly what I try to teach my daughter, and she came away from camp with validation of that from coaches that she really likes and respects. Thank you and Great Job!

  • This was a much better experience for my daughter. Other camps have not been competitive.

  • Much better than UT!! And like that the camp size is smaller than A&M. Great camp for both our daughters.

  • I would say Baylor was the most organized and put together camp of all of the camps we have attended.

  • More attention to individual players, report card is much more personalized, coaches are a major part of camp, players had more interaction and supervision of campers.

  • The coaches assessment and communication to parents of the assessment was superior! I very much appreciated the multiple looks/assessments given to my daughter!

Thank you!

This is the first overnight camp my daughter has been to and I must say we felt the schedule was packed effectively to get the most soccer we can for the dollar! The girls were challenged and the level of play was excellent. The last day of our getting to watch the matches was appreciated. I had feedback from other select soccer parents before she attended Baylor camp, regarding other University Soccer Camps and in some cases they felt their daughters were not challenged and it probably had more "fun" in swimming and other things than gaining additional soccer skills.

My daughter thought the camp was great, loved watching the Baylor players demonstrate and being exposed to girls at more competitive levels of play.

Thanks again and if she has the opportunity she will certainly be out there next year!


My daughter enjoyed every moment of the camp tremendously.

Thanks for putting on a great camp. All I heard on the way home was how much she enjoyed the high level of expectation of play and the quality of coaching.


First I want to let you know that every time my daughter called home she was on a rush of adrenaline and she couldn't stop talking about how much fun she was having and how much she was learning from the staff and the older girls.

Your staff must be awesome because my daughter said they were not only friendly but very instructive on helping her get better. I just wanted you to know that my daughter not only will be attending every camp from now on but she said she plans on playing for your team one day.


Wanted to let you know how much the Baylor Soccer Camp meant to my daughter. She was overwhelmed with the amount of fun and hard work that went into the Soccer Camp. She was excited to go to camp in the morning and worn out and talking constantly about what she had learned and the friends she had met during that day. I could not have asked for a better camp for her to go to.


My daughter had a fabulous time at camp. She made great new friends, developed her skills and had a blast doing it.

I just wanted to thank you all for the time and effort I know you had to put into making the camp such a success. I was surprised to hear it was the first year at Baylor! Your organizational skills are obviously phenomenal. My daughter is already planning for next year.


Thank you so much for a wonderful week of camp for for my daughter. She had a total blast! She came home and showed us everything she learned! We are impressed. She especially loved her coach. All the staff should be commended for their smiling faces and great attitudes even on the last day.


Thank you so much!! This was a blessing all around for my daughter to be able to come. She called me each night and told me how much fun she has had. She told me the days were going by too fast!!! You don't know how much we appreciate what you and your team have done for her. Thank you for taking care of my little girl and sharing your knowledge with her. She is truly passionate about the game of soccer!