Camp Forms

Instructions for forms (Forms can NOT be accepted unless the following applies):

Each camper will need to turn in Minor Release Form or Adult Release Form, the Medical Release, the Behavioral Expectations Agreement, and the Disciplinary Procedures Agreement. You must submit an original document (no fax or email will be accepted) that is written in either blue or black ink. When printing the documents, please print so no words are cut off. Please make certain before mailing that the document has not been altered in any way (most commonly by printing).

Forms are to be mailed to:
Marci Jobson Soccer Academy
PO Box 21973
Waco, TX 76702


Four Forms Required for Each Camper:

  1. Minor OR Adult Release
  2. Form 2= Medical Release
  3. Behavioral Expectations Agreement
  4. Disciplinary Procedures Agreement

Forms must be received before sign-in:

Minor Release Form (under 18):
2017 Minor Release Form

Adult Release Form (18 and older):
2017 Adult Release Form

Medical Release Form (All Participants):
2017 Medical Release Form

Behavioral Expectations Agreement (All Participants):
2017 Behavioral Form

Disciplinary Procedures Agreement (All Participants):
2017 Discipline Agreement