Establishing the Task Force

On May 13, 2016, and as a response to the Pepper Hamilton report, the Baylor University Board of Regents urged the development of "a set of immediate recommendations to foster an even more Christ-centered culture on campus, including the chaplaincy program, involvement of local churches, and other Christian ministries on campus." On June 3, Interim President David Garland announced the creation of an executive-level task force to meet this charge set forth by the Regents, to be led by Executive Vice President and Provost L. Gregory Jones.

Comprised of Baylor faculty, staff, and students, the Spiritual Life and Character Formation Task Force will be guided by the conviction that Baylor’s Christian mission ought to animate the entire life of the University, thus guiding and uplifting our community to realize its calling, "Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana."

Central questions to the task force’s work include:
  1. How might efforts of spiritual formation (including but not limited to communal worship and prayer) be encouraged and enhanced across the entire University?
  2. How might character formation for students be encouraged and enhanced through curricular and co-curricular efforts? How might key virtues like honesty, justice, and wisdom, and central practices such as friendship and hospitality, be encouraged among the entire University community?
  3. How might there be greater collaboration among all university units, departments, and programs to more consistently encourage and message the highest ideals of the Christian life, in ways that both challenge and uplift the entire University community? How might local congregations and other Christian ministries be a part of such mission-centered efforts?