Room Dimensions & Photos

Room Measurements

Please keep in mind that all measurements listed here are approximate. When planning for Move In Day, we will always suggest that you wait to move in before buying or bringing items that need very specific measurements (ex: rugs, couches, homemade storage, etc).

Two Bedroom Apartment (three residents)

  • Single Room: 10' x 12'
  • Double Room: 18.5' x 12'

Four Bedroom Apartment (four residents)

  • Single Room: 11' x 10'

Double Room Shared Bath Plus (two residents)

  • 11' x 19.5'

Double Room Plus (two residents)

  • 11' x 18'

**Double Room Plus and Double Room Shared Bath Plus are the two rooms typically available for incoming first-year students. We do not have single apartments.**


Earle Hall residents are supplied with several pieces of furniture. Do not remove university furniture from the room.
  • Every resident: bed, 3-drawer dresser, desk, chair, split-desk pedestal, bed, and mattress
  • Double Room Shared Bath Plus (DRSBP): open closet, laminate floors
  • Double Room Plus: wardrobe, laminate bedroom floor
  • Apartment bedrooms: wardrobe, carpet bedroom floor
  • Apartment living rooms: couch, armchair, table and chairs, coffee end table

Room Photos

Cove Hallway

*Please note that not all Cove Rooms are closed off in this way. Some Cove Rooms are on regular open hallways.*

Cove Hallway


Cove (wardrobe and laminate floors)
Cove Room


Apartment Rooms (wardrobe and carpeted floors)
Apartment Rooms


Open Closet (Double Room Shared Bath Plus)
  • 80"w x 64"h
Open Closet


Wardrobe (Double Room Plus and Apartment Rooms)
  • 36"w x 72"h x 23"d
  • 2 compartments: 16"w
  • Tall hang area: 56"h
  • Small hang area: 30"h
  • Adjustable shelves
Wardrobe Cove


Bed and Mattress
  • 85"w x 64"h x 41"d
  • Extra-long twin mattress - measuring approximately 4" - 71.75"
  • Comes with bed rail, 64" to bottom of rails
  • Bed loft height can be adjusted to student's preference
3-drawer Dresser (left piece of furniture)
  • 29.75"w x 30.25"h x 24.5"d
  • 3 drawers, 7" deep, mounted on castes, pull out desk top
Desk (center piece of furniture)
  • 32.25"w x 30.25"h x 24.5"d
  • Pull out desk top
  • Split desk pedestal/nightstand (right piece of furniture)
    16"w x 30"h x 24"d
    1 drawer, 6" deep drawer, 16" shelf space, pull out desk top
  • 19.5" x 17" x 30.75"
Lofted Bed & Matress


  • Double Room Plus bathrooms are cleaned by housekeeping staff daily M-F
  • Apartments, Suite, and CL bathrooms are cleaned by occupants
  • Sink: 24" x 106" x 34"
Bathrooms - DSS and Apt


  • Shower curtains provided in all bathrooms


Kitchen (Apartments only)
  • Full refrigerator
  • Stove and oven
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher


Kitchen Apartments


Additional Double Suite Measurements

  • Window: Width 55 3/4", Height 71"
  • Top of Window to Floor: 10'7"
  • Closet Shelf: Width 3'2", Depth 19" (per student, sharing closet in double suite)
  • Bathroom Storage: Depth 20 3/4", Height 11 1/2", Width 13"
  • Chest of Drawers: Depth 29.5", Width 60", Height 28.5" (three drawers)
  • Wardrobes: total Height 63", hanging Height 55", shelf Depth 16"

The measurements on this page are the only measurements we will provide at this time.