Hall Details
Below lists the details of Earle Hall. You can view more information through Campus Living and Learning at their website East Village Hall Details.


  • Free Cable TV
  • Central heat & air
  • High-speed ethernet data port for each occupant
  • Extra-long twin beds
  • Mini-blinds on all windows
  • Movable furniture
  • One active phone line per room

Dimensions (all dimensions are approximate)

    Two Bedroom Apartment (three residents)

    Single Room: 10' x 12'

    Double Room: 18.5' x 12'

    Four Bedroom Apartment (four residents)

    Single Room: 11' x 10'

    Double Semi-Suite Room (two residents): 11' x 19.5'

    Cove Double Room (two residents): 11' x 18'

    Coves and Double Suites are the two rooms available for incoming freshmen students.

    Double Suite Floorplan Cove Floorplan


    Four Bedroom Apartments - two bathrooms (four residents)

    Two sinks, two toilets, two showers

    Two Bedroom Apartments - one bathroom (three residents)

    Two sinks, one toilet, one shower

    Suite Rooms - two rooms share one bathroom (4 residents)

    Two sinks, one toilet, one shower

    Cove Rooms - four rooms (8 residents) share a common bathroom, which is cleaned by housekeeping

    Three sinks, two toilets, two showers


  • AirBear, Baylor's wireless network, is available throughout each building as well as the Dining Commons.

Dining Options

  • There are 5 dining options in the residence halls (Brooks College, Collins, East Village, Memorial, and Penland) and a food court available with declining balance or cash payment options in the Bill Daniel Student Center.
  • Java City, located on the garden level of Moody Memorial Library, serves sandwiches and coffee for declining balance or cash payment.
  • The Seasons Sushi is located in the North Village Community Center and provides made to order sushi favorites.
  • Starbucks, Which Wich, and Mo's are located in the Baylor Science Building.


  • There is elevator access to each floor.


  • Apartment bedroom floors are carpeted while Cove and Suite rooms have wood laminate flooring.
  • Vacuum cleaners may be checked out from the hall office.


  • All beds in the East Village are extra-long twin size, fitting extra-long twin size sheets.
  • The bed height from the floor allows ample space for under-the-bed storage.
  • All Double Semi-Suite and Cove rooms have lofted beds.
  • The furniture is movable. Furniture must remain in the room and may not be dismantled, stacked, or raised off the floor.
  • Desk and desk chair: One per resident
  • Dressers: One per resident
  • Closets/Wardrobes - Cove Rooms: One wardrobe per resident, Double Semi-Suite Rooms: One closet per room, Apartments: One wardrobe per resident

Kitchen Facilities

  • A community kitchen is located on the first floor.
  • Each apartment has a stove, a full size refrigerator, and microwave.
  • Microwaves are not allowed in student rooms unless it is a MicrofridgeTM unit. Only one Microfridge per room is allowed.
  • Each room is allowed one small refrigerator, which must be 1.5 amps or less, no more than 36 inches tall, and grounded. You may bring your own, or rent one. Please do not place on Baylor furniture.
  • Campus Living & Learning has partnered with Collegiate Concepts, Inc. to provide on-campus residents the option to rent or purchase a MicrofridgeTM. Microfridges are all-in-one units that have a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. For pricing, or to rent or purchase, please visit Collegiate Concepts' website at https://www.collegefridge.com/Baylor and select Baylor University under Select Your University.

Laundry Facilities

  • Laundry facilities are located on each floor within each building.


  • Residents may use a power strip with an internal fuse to maximize their outlets.
  • Extension cords and multi-plug adapters are not permitted.

Study Rooms

  • Study rooms are located on each floor hallway and space for group study is in the lobby.

Telephone Services

  • One telephone line per room is provided.
  • Telephone instruments are not provided.
  • To call long distance students should purchase a calling card.
  • Your telephone number will be included with your room assignment information.


  • Residents may bring their own televisions. Cable TV is provided (one cable outlet per room).
  • Televisions may not be hung from the walls.


  • Mini-blinds are on all windows and must remain in place.

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