Surgical Skills Program

In fall of 2021, the Surgical Skills program was first created and offered as a three-week program. This program was originally designed to expose students to the fundamentals of surgical knowledge and develop competency in practical surgical skills. The Surgical Skills program is currently offered as a one-credit-hour course for students residing in Earle Hall and covers a variety of topics such as phlebotomy, conducting a patient history, suturing, and more.

The goal of the Surgical Skills program is to motivate and ignite a deeper passion in students for their future careers in the healthcare field. This course provides an exciting, incredibly unique glimpse into the future of Baylor University’s next generation of doctors and healthcare professionals.


“The knowledge, skills, and teamwork SSP provides are indispensable tools for students interested in the healthcare professions!” 

“I loved Surgical Skills Program because of all the hands-on training in medical skills. The class truly fed my excitement for medicine, and I’m excited for this semester’s students to experience that!”