New Student Orientation Guide - Graduate



  1. Log into BEARWEB
    • Use your BearID, Password, and Duo two-factor authentication to login.
  2. Please verify your contact information under "Personal Information"
  3. Click "Set Up Authorized Users for E-Bill"
    • Click the "Authorized Users" tab
    • Click “Add Authorized User” at the bottom of page—enter email address and complete agreement
    • Close screen to return to menu
  4. Are you bringing a vehicle? If so, click "Vehicle Registration/Parking Permit" (License plate # required)
    • Select “Purchase Permit” and follow instructions
    • Agree to the terms and click “Submit”
    • Close screen to return to menu
  5. Enroll in Direct Deposit, click "Refund by Direct Deposit"
    • Complete the form with routing and account number
    • Click "New Student Orientation Menu" at top to return
    • If not enrolled in Direct Deposit, paper checks will automatically be mailed for any eligible credit balances which can take several weeks to be received. 
  6. Click "Title IV Authorizations"
    • Review and select “Yes” or “No”, then click “Submit” (Selecting "Yes" grants permission to the University to apply federal student aid funds to non-allowable charges, such as student health insurance.)