Types of Financial Aid - Quick Chart

Not sure where to start looking for financial aid? Here's a quick chart to visualize all the types of university, state and federal aid that may apply to you as an incoming or current student attending Baylor. 

University funding is based on CSS Profile Institutional Methodology.  Federal and state funds are based on the FAFSA Federal Methodology in addition to the student’s cost of attendance and enrollment status. More information about the criteria for each award can be found in these links below.

University Aid State Aid Federal Aid
Academic and Other Scholarships Tuition Equalization Grant Pell Grants
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant
Children of Fallen Heroes
University Work-Study Texas College Work-Study Federal Work Study
Baylor Institutional (Emergency) Loan College Access Loan Direct Loans
PLUS Loans
Grad PLUS Loans