Financial Settlement
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Your Charges & Financial Settlement

Once you are registered for a term, a billing notification will be sent to both the student's Baylor email address as well as to any Authorized Users that the student has designated. This notification will contain instructions for viewing your charges and completing Financial Settlement. Financial Settlement is the final phase of registration each term you attend Baylor and is comprised of the following 2 steps:

  • Pay your charges
    • View your charges in the E-Bill System and either pay in full or enroll in a Payment Plan
  • Confirm your attendance in BearWeb
    • Student Financial Services > Student Account > Confirm Your Attendance
    • If you do not owe a balance, you must still confirm your attendance.
Important Dates

Fall Trimester Dates Coming Soon!

Financial Aid

Verify financial aid and/or loans are properly reflected on your student account. If necessary, review the Online Student Financial Aid Checklist and email with any questions.

Payment Plan

To make the process of paying for your Baylor education more manageable, you have the option to enroll in a Payment Plan. Plan enrollment is required each term in which you participate in the Payment Plan. For more detailed information on Baylor's Payment Plan, click here.

To complete financial settlement by participating in the Payment Plan, enrollment (including payment of the required down payment) must be complete by the financial settlement due date.

Payment Plan Terms

25% + setup fee 3 $50



Subsequent Installment Due Dates

Fall Winter Spring
August 31 November 30 February 28/29
September 30 December 31 March 31
October 31 January 31 April 30

If you do not wish to be on a payment plan, payment in full must be received during financial settlement to avoid being administratively enrolled and charged the setup fee.

Authorized Users

Adding an Authorized User in the E-Bill System is a student’s written consent that an individual may view account information, make payments on their behalf, and communicate with Student Financial Services regarding their student account. More information about Authorized Users can be found here.

Schedule Changes

Add/Drop Refunds

Once classes have begun, a student will need to fill out an Add/Drop form from the Office of the Registrar. A refund is based on the following:

Class Days Refund
1-5 100%
6-10 75%
11-15 50%
16-20 25%
21 or later 0%

Cancellation/Withdrawal Refunds

A cancellation occurs when a student decides not to attend classes for a term prior to the first day of classes for that term and the student is fully refunded. A withdrawal happens beginning the first day of class and a refund is based on a percentage of days participated in the term.

Contact your advisor or program director for more information on how to initiate a withdrawal.

Direct Deposit

Baylor University will electronically deposit your student financial aid refund in the financial institution of your choice. Learn more about Direct Deposit here.


In order to avoid transcript and registration holds, your account must remain current.


If you have questions regarding your student account, please contact the Cashier's Office at or call (254) 710-2311