As you complete your FAFSA

The IRS DRT will populate the FAFSA tax questions for you.  However, because of security issues, you will not be able to see the tax information that is transferred to your FAFSA, nor will you be able to see it on the Student Aid Report you receive.

This is done to help protect you in case someone tries to steal your tax return information.  If they do succeed in hacking in to your tax return information, they will not be able to see any of your information.  Be assured, this measure is being taken to make sure your personal information is safe and cannot be used without your knowledge or consent.

If you have concerns about the information that was transferred from your filed tax return to your FAFSA, just contact our office and speak to a counselor.  The counselor will verify your identity before sharing information from your FAFSA with you.  Again, this is for your security to ensure that no one can access your personal information without your knowledge or consent.