Recent Hurricanes and Student Financial Concerns

To our students and families impacted by the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: We are here to help. While we cannot make the flood waters recede, we can help with Baylor’s financial deadlines and paperwork. We have worked out a few details below, but if your circumstance does not match these, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

August Monthly Installment Payment
Students Called into Active Duty
Other Financial Concerns

August Monthly Installment Payment

For families utilizing the monthly installment plan, we understand making your August payment may be a logistical challenge. Feel free to pay both August and September payments in September. There will not be any late fees assessed, and your classes are not subject to cancellation.

If you are encountering more significant financial challenges, please contact Student Financial Services so that we can help you avoid holds related to past-due payments.

Students Called into Active Duty for Disaster Relief

We are proud of our students who are answering the call to aid in disaster relief. If you are one of them, please take the following steps:

Upon learning of your activation status:

  • Contact Kevin Davis, VETS Program Manager, who can help inform your professors of your situation and search for accommodations that may be needed to support your deployment.
  • If you are utilizing VA Education Benefits, contact Baylor's VA Coordinator, Jessica Alford, immediately. If the need for complete withdrawal arises, she will be able to process the appropriate paperwork with you so that you are able to terminate your GI Bill benefits without penalty.

If it is determined that withdrawal is necessary:

  • Click here to fill out a withdrawal form.
  • Once your information is received, you will need to set up an exit interview with Academic Support Programs by emailing
  • If you are utilizing any VA Education Benefits, be sure to remain in contact with Jessica Alford.

An enrolled student who withdraws as a result of being called into active military duty (reserves or National Guard) may choose to:

  1. Receive a refund of tuition and fees paid toward the current term, or
  2. Be given full credit of tuition and fees paid toward the current term to apply toward a future term’s charges for enrollment

If withdrawal is necessary, the team in Academic Support Programs will help you navigate the withdrawal process and help ensure that the financial implications of withdrawal are worked out with the Cashier’s Office and the Student Financial Aid Office.

Other Financial Concerns

Nothing can prepare you for a catastrophic event, and we are aware that rebuilding and recovery will have significant financial impact on many families. If you have financial concerns, we encourage you to consider the following options: