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Scholarship: Michael Key Malone Scholarship

Information: The Michael Key Malone Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing was established in 2013 by the Louise Herrington School of Nursing in loving memory of Michael Key Malone, son of Mike and Alison Malone (B.A. ‘88). Michael was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma on December 21, 2009 at the age of four. While undergoing treatment, Michael and his parents were an inspiration to everyone at the Louise Herrington School of Nursing. Mike and Alison volunteered countless hours to the School of Nursing, branding the school’s motto, “Learn. Lead. Serve.” The tag lines that Mike and Alison helped to create are still being used to recruit new Baylor nurses: “Faith with Learning, Faith with Service” and “Each New Nurse Makes the World a Better Place.”

Michael, ever the image of courage and strength throughout his battle with cancer, charmed Baylor nurses and even appeared on the Louise Herrington School of Nursing Christmas card in 2010. Michael’s brave fight ended on June 23, 2012.

The scholarship bearing Michael’s name will help to ensure that children and families undergoing trying diagnoses will continue to experience the kind of compassionate care that Baylor nurses provide.

Comments: Preference to students who are pursuing a career in pediatric nursing

Criteria:  For Undergraduate students in the School of Nursing.

Minimum GPA: The University requires a minimum GPA of 2.50.

Need/Merit: Based on need and merit.

Contact: Endalk Tulu

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