SFS Baylor Summer

Graduate in Four

Taking summer classes is a great way to help ensure that you stay on track to graduate in four years (or less)! As Dr. Blaine McCormick explains graduating in four years instead of five could be worth up to $100,000!!!

By working with an advisor and doing some thoughtful planning, you could save thousands of dollars by taking a few summer courses while attending Baylor. This means more dollars left in your pocket (or lower student loans) if you can graduate early or avoid having to attend one or more extra semesters. Work with an advisor to take an appropriate number of hours each semester and take advantage of your summers to get ahead and stay ahead.

For information about how to use your academic scholarship toward your summer tuition if you plan to graduate early, see "Baylor Undergraduate Academic Scholarships for Summer 2019" at the bottom of this page.

Summer saves dollars and makes sense!

Discounted Summer Tuition

Once you have maximized the hours you can successfully complete in fall/spring, consider summer classes to take advantage of a 25% tuition rate discount.

Check out the sample comparison below to see the cost advantage (depending on number of hours) of taking classes during summer. This discount applies to all hours (on-campus, online, and study abroad) in any summer session - including minimester!

  2019-2020 Hourly Rate 2019 Summer Discounted Rate Amount Saved
Tuition (Based on 3 Hours) $5,355 $4,017 $1,338
General Student Fee $564 $378 186
Tuition (Based on 6 Hours) $10,710 $8,034 $2,676
General Student Fee $1,128 $756 372
Tuition (Based on 9 Hours) $16,065 $12,051 $4,014
General Student Fee 1,692 1,134 558
Tuition (Based on 12 Hours) $21,421 $16,068 $5,353
General Student Fee 2,261 1,507 754

For more detailed summer cost information click here.

Baylor Undergraduate Academic Scholarships for Summer 2019

Students who entered Baylor as first-time freshmen are eligible to request that one semester of their Baylor academic scholarship be applied to Summer 2019 if they are:

  • Graduating in Summer 2019 or Fall 2019 in seven (7) or fewer undergraduate semesters
  • Graduating in Spring 2020 or later in seven (7) or fewer undergraduate semesters (academic advisor's signature required on request form--see link below).

Students are not required to enroll full-time; however, if you are enrolled less than half-time, the scholarship will not exceed tuition costs. Note: Use of the scholarship during the summer term counts toward the maximum semesters of eligibility and applies to the Baylor Faculty, President's, Provost's, or Deans' Scholarships. If you entered Baylor as a first time freshman, please click here to download and print the form.

If you entered Baylor as a transfer student, contact the Student Financial Aid Office at Financial_Aid@baylor.edu.