Loan Collections

Our staff directs the loan collection efforts by educating and providing current and accurate information to students, former students, and parents regarding repayment obligations for the Perkins, Nursing, and Baylor Institutional loan programs while maintaining compliance with governmental regulations.

ECSI – Education Computer Systems Incorporated

ECSI is a third-party loan servicer Baylor University has contracted to do the billing, payment processing, and management of student loans that are payable to Baylor. These loans are the Federal Perkins, Federal Nursing, and Baylor Institutional Loans (formerly known as Baylor Revolving Loans). Any email or correspondence you receive from ECSI is legitimate, and you should respond accordingly. If you ignore the instructions, it could result in the release of a transcript being delayed, or unfavorable reporting to credit bureaus on the status of your loans. If you have any questions or would like further counseling in reference to your loans that are payable to Baylor University, please contact ECSI at 1-888-549-3274, online at, or via email address at 

FERPA Form - FERPA stands for Family Education Rights Privacy Act

In order for the personnel in the Loan Collections Office to speak to anyone other than yourself in reference to your loans payable to Baylor University, we will need a separate FERPA Authorization Form completed and on file in our office. This release is different from the FERPA Form you may have already submitted for other purposes such as your Baylor Student Account, Financial Aid, Advising, or Academic Records. If you would like to give the staff in the Loan Collections Office permission to speak to someone other than yourself in reference to the loans, you may obtain and submit the appropriate FERPA Form by contacting the Loan Collections Office.

Exit Interview

The Exit Interview is designed to inform borrowers of their rights and responsibilities for each loan. Upon leaving Baylor University, you will receive an email from UAS asking you to complete your Exit Interview for your loan(s). This is a Federal requirement and if you fail to complete your Exit Interview, requests for your transcripts may be denied until the process is finalized. You must complete an Exit Interview for each loan you have payable to Baylor University.

Loan Collection Transcript Hold

The Loan Collections Transcript Hold is placed on a student's account when he/she is awarded a Federal Perkins, a Federal Nursing, or a Baylor Institutional Loan, and the hold will remain on the account until the loan is paid in full. This does not mean we will not release a transcript. Find out more about requesting your Official Transcript by clicking here.  

The Loan Collections Transcript Hold triggers the following process each time you request a transcript:

  • After you submit a request for an official copy of your transcript, the Office of the Registrar notifies the Loan Collections Office of the request if you have a Loan Collections Hold on your account. At that time, a staff member of the Loan Collection Office reviews your account. As long as you are in good standing with your loan accounts and have completed all of the required elements upon leaving the university, the Office of the Registrar is instructed to release your transcript. This process will take place every time you request a transcript until the loan is paid in full.
  • Some issues that could delay the release of a transcript are as follows:
    1. Past due amounts on the account
    2. Returned mail
    3. Exit Interview not complete (if needed at the time of request)

When you have made the final payment on all loans payable to Baylor University, the Loan Collection Transcript Hold will be permanently removed.


  1. It is your responsibility to notify the Loan Collection Office if you change your name, address, Social Security number, or any other demographic information.
  2. You have the option to repay, interest free, all or part of your loan during any period in which repayment is not required. You may pay more than the required monthly amount in order to accelerate repayment without penalty, but please note you will be billed your next regularly scheduled payment.
  3. It is your responsibility to contact us prior to each payment if you cannot make any payment for any reason.
  4. It is your responsibility to send us certified proof that you are eligible for deferment or cancellation benefits according to your promissory note(s).
  5. You are responsible for all costs that Baylor University incurs in trying to collect your loan.
  6. All loan accounts payable to Baylor are reported to one or more National Credit Bureaus.
  7. You must complete an Exit Interview when you leave Baylor (graduate, transfer, etc.).

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Baylor University
Attn: Loan Collection Office
One Bear Place #97051
Waco, TX 76798-7051

Carol Moyer, Assistant Director of Collections, (254)710-2311

Linda Harter, Collections Representative, (254)710-2311

Fax Number: (254)710-2114

Limited Access to Clifton Robinson Tower
Financial Aid, Student Accounts and One Stop (first floor) are open to walk-in visitors, however we encourage students to reach us via phone, contact us form or virtual office visit while a construction project occurs at the Clifton Robinson Tower. Parking is very limited. More information about how to contact us can be found here.