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Your Charges & Financial Settlement

Once you are registered for a term, you will receive an email from the Student Financial Accounts containing instructions for viewing your charges and completing Financial Settlement. Financial Settlement is the final phase of registration each term you attend Baylor. 

Once your charges are available for the term, you must complete the following two steps:

  • Confirm your attendance in BearWeb
    • Student Financial Services > Student Account > Confirm Attendance
    • If you do not owe a balance, you must still confirm your attendance.
  • View and pay your charges in the E-Bill System
    • If you are intending on aid to cover your charges, be sure that you have completed any necessary requirements. You can also view our Cost of Attendance worksheet for an estimate. 
Check your Financial Settlement status in BearWeb - look for a Happy Bear!

Student Financial Services > Student Account > Check Your Financial Settlement Status

Upon Admission
  • Check your Baylor e-mail regularly for important updates from Student Financial Services.
  • Add or update Direct Deposit information in BearWeb under the Student Account menu in order to have any credit balance on your student account deposited automatically to your designated bank account.
  • Update address and phone number in BearWeb.
As the Term Approaches
  • Verify financial aid and/or loans are properly reflected on your student account. Verify financial aid and/or loans are properly reflected on your student account. If accepted loans have not been applied and you are registered for less than full time (8 hours or less), then you will need to contact the Student Financial Aid office to request the loan(s) be reset for less than full time enrollment. If necessary, review the Online Student Financial Aid Checklist and contact the Student Financial Aid office at 254-710-2611 with any questions.
  • If your employer is planning on paying all or part of your tuition and you need to submit documentation, please send it here.

Dates to Remember

Spring 2022 Term 1
  • December 8 - Billing Information available to view in the E-Bill System.
  • January 5 - Payment Due Date*
  • January 3 – Refund processing begins if set up for direct deposit, financially settled, and financial aid applied. If Direct Deposit not set up, a refund check will be mailed to the permanent home address on file. 
  • January 10 - Classes Begin
  • January 13 - Last day to withdraw with refund

*When currently enrolled students early register for an upcoming term, they are then billed approximately two weeks prior to the due date. Students registering after a certain point are on a rolling “register—bill—due” cycle. This means the due date will be determined by the date of registration.

Withdrawal Policy

Classes must be dropped before the term start date in order to receive a 100% refund. Once you start classes, there is a limited time to receive a tuition refund if you choose to withdraw from class. Students will not receive any refund of tuition or fees after the 4th class day (a holiday does not count as a class day) of each term. You can review the tuition refund schedule below to determine the refund amount available during each class day. 

  • Before Day 1 - 100%
  • Day 1 - 90%
  • Day 2 - 70%
  • Day 3 - 50%
  • Day 4 - 30%
  • Day 5 - 0%

In order to avoid transcript and registration holds, your account must remain current.

If you have questions regarding your student account, please contact the Student Accounts office or call (254) 710-2311.