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Law Financial Settlement

Purchase BearBucks™
BearBucks™ may be purchased online by logging into the E-Bill System and choosing the Deposits link in the gray bar near the top of the page.

Release student account information
In BearWeb choose >Student Financial Services >Student Account >Consent to Release Information

Authorized Users
Give others (spouse, parents, guardians, etc.) access to view and pay your eStatements by setting them up as an Authorized User

Financial settlement is the final step of registration.
There are two steps: confirm attendance and pay semester bill.
Verify financial settlement is complete in BearWeb by selecting: Student Financial Services >Student Account >Check Your Financial Settlement Status

Fall 2015 Quarter Important Dates

  • August 3rd
    - Bills available online.
    - Confirm attendance online even if you have a zero balance.
       In BearWeb choose: Student Financial Services >Student Account
    >Confirm Your Attendance

  • August 14th
    - Payment Due Date - make payment online
       If payment in full is not possible, please contact the Cashier's Office at regarding an installment plan.

  • August 19th
    - Credit Refunds (if financially settled and financial aid applied)
       are available beginning today.
    - Request refund check and/or limited cash refund of credit on student
       account beginning today. NOTE: Refund checks may not be picked up.
       Make sure your home address is correct in BearWeb.
    - If set up for direct deposit, funds should arrive in your designated bank
       account beginning today. Check your Baylor email for notification.
    - For information on Direct Deposit click here.
    - To enroll in Direct Deposit or if your bank information has changed, go to
       BearWeb and choose: Student Financial Services >Student Account
    >Refund by Direct Deposit - Bank Information

  • August 24th
    - Classes Begin

  • August 26th
    - Cancellation for non-payment at 5 p.m.
       To re-register, prior to September 4th, payment in full or first installment is
        required plus $50 late fee and $100 re-registration fee.

Please notify the Cashier's Office of any optional fees that need to be added for the Fall Quarter.
• SLC Access $200.00
• Athletic Access $141.00
• Meal Plan