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Guaranteed Tuition Option

Baylor University offers a Guaranteed Tuition Option as a budgeting tool for undergraduate and graduate students. Over a four year period, the regular tuition rate and the Guaranteed Tuition rate are generally the same. However, by selecting the Guaranteed Tuition Option, students are able to establish the same tuition rate for four years and eliminate uncertainty about future tuition increases, allowing students and parents to accurately prepare their educational budget.

In the 2013-2014, academic year, the guaranteed tuition rate (12 hours or more) is $17,720.00 per semester. Although this is higher than the 2013-2014 regular tuition rate (12 hours or more) of $16,287.00 per semester, students selecting the guaranteed rate will be able to pay $17,720.00 per semester for 48 months while regular tuition rates will increase yearly. Students registering in less than 12 hours on the guaranteed tuition option for 2013-2014 will pay $1,477 per semester hour during the 48 month period. For summer 2014 and subsequent summers, the guaranteed tuition rate will be $1,108 per hour during that 48 month period.

Regular Guaranteed
2006-07 $10,287.00 $11,400.00
2007-08 $11,110.00 $12,225.00
2008-09 $11,832.00 $13,050.00
2009-10 $12,660.00 $13,950.00
2010-11 $13,483.00 $14,860.00
2011-12 $14,360.00 $15,825.00
2012-13 $15,293.00 $16,855.00
2013-14 $16,287.00 $17,720.00

To enroll in the Guaranteed Tuition Option, please download the enrollment form, complete and return to the Cashier's Office by US mail or in person. The Guaranteed Tuition Option is not available to Baylor@MCC students.

The Guaranteed Tuition Option must be selected by July 31, 2013 (due date Fall 2013 semester).


By selecting the Guaranteed Tuition Option, the participant(s) and the University agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Condition of Effectiveness - To be eligible for the Guaranteed Tuition Option, the student must meet the University policies and procedures for admission. If the student has not been admitted as of the date of this Agreement, this Agreement shall not become effective unless and until the student has been so admitted.
  2. Payment - The student shall make payments in accordance with the University payment policy.
  3. Scope of Agreement - This Agreement covers only tuition charges as defined, from time to time, by the University and in no way limits the University's rights in respect of matters, including University charges, not covered hereby. The benefits of this Agreement are not assignable to any other student, nor may they be utilized for any term beginning 48 months from the first term of this Agreement.
  4. Refunds - If the enrollment of the student is canceled for any reason (including withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion), the amount of refund shall be in accordance with the general refund policy of the University. The University reserves the right to offset any amounts refundable hereunder against any amounts owed by the student.

For more information about the Guaranteed Tuition Option please contact:

Cashier's Office
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97048
Waco, TX 76798-7048
Phone: (254)710-2311
Fax: (254)710-2114