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Financial Settlement Information

Law Summer Financial Settlement

Due date for Summer Financial Settlement: April 29. For more information, click here.

Cashier's Office Financial Settlement of Registration Expenses

  • The total amount due or the minimum amount due shown on the bill must be received to complete financial settlement for the semester by the due date to avoid a late fee and cancellation of your class schedule.
  • If you register before bills are mailed, a semester bill will be sent to your home address (or an alternate address if selected) and your E-Bill will be available online. If you register after bills are mailed, you will only receive an E-Bill.
  • Provide verification of outside scholarships to the Cashier's Office by completing the Outside Scholarship Report Form so that such information is included in your financial aid award package.
  • Payment must be received in the Cashier's Office by the due date for the semester to avoid a late fee.
Financial settlement is the final step of registration that begins the month prior to the beginning of a new term. There are two steps: confirm attendance and pay semester bill.

Confirm Attendance: We want to be good stewards of financial and academic resources available to Baylor students. Confirming attendance prior to the beginning of class helps us to carefully allocate those resources to students who are sure to attend.

Students can log into BearWeb after receiving new term invoice notification and choose
>Student Financial Services >Student Account >Confirm Your Attendance.

Is your balance is 0 or less after financial aid credits? You still must confirm attendance to complete financial settlement.

Pay Semester Bill: Semester bills are posted to the E-Bill System and an email notification is sent to the student's Baylor email address as well as the email of any designated Authorized Users. We strongly encourage students to enroll their parents in this system so they too can access all bills online and receive time sensitive reminders.

Pay the net balance in full or the minimum amount due online by electronic check or credit card; or mail payment to Cashier's Office. (Be sure to allow time for mail to be received - 7 to 10 days.)

If full payment or the minimum amount due is not received by the due date shown on the semester bill, a late fee will be charged. The late fee is $100.

Expecting financial aid? There are certain forms that must be completed in a timely manner for aid to apply to the account before the financial settlement deadline. Details of these processes and the dates are available at Applying for Financial Aid or Completing the Process. Otherwise, please be prepared to pay in full or make the first installment payment by financial settlement deadline and have financial aid reimburse the student account when it arrives.

What happens when financial settlement is not completed by the deadline? The class schedule is canceled and a hold is placed on the account. The ID card becomes inactive and will not access facilities including housing and meal plans. Before a student will be allowed to re-register, the financial obligation must be satisfied including a re-registration fee of $150 and a late payment fee of $100. The original class schedule may no longer be available.