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Baylor Shield Lending Library 


Other helpful resources: 

  • Check the Library: The Baylor Libraries have limited quantities of some books used in classes. Once you determine what books you will need, check the library. Sometimes they are available for regular checkout, and sometimes they can only be used in the library. Either way, it is worth a shot!



  • Talk to your Professor: Be in touch with your professor and let them know that money is tight. Sometimes they have books they can loan you for the semester, copy a chapter or two from the book, or let you know if a previous edition (usually cheaper) can be used for the class. Professors truly want to help, reach out to them, but make sure you do this before your class begins.


  • Rent, Don’t Buy: Sometimes you can rent a book instead of buying it.


  • Get Your Books Early: Everyone is looking for books at the same time, if you want to get used books order them from the Baylor Bookstore in advance.


  • Checkout Baylor Free & For Sale on Facebook: One great place to buy books from your peers through Baylor Free & For Sale on Facebook. Many students sell their old books on in this Facebook group, be sure to check it out.