One-on-One Personal Coaching

Have a specific financial question or issue you want advice on? Baylor's Financial Literacy Coaches are available 5 days a week to help! We offer individualized assistance for a variety of topics such as budgeting, managing credit card debt, finding scholarships, and much more. We can also connect you with resources across campus to make sure you get the best information, every time. 

Scheduling an Appointment 

To setup a one-on-one appointment with a Financial Literacy Coach, go to the Baylor Navigate link here, then select "Student Success", "Student Financial Literacy" and "One-on-One Coaching." 

You can also reach out by email at, or set up a meeting to meet with one of our coaches Navigate.

We encourage you to utilize our free resources including Financial Literacy 101 and Student Financial Literacy Canvas Course, which includes hundreds of topics, videos, courses and interactive exercises that are tailored to the specific challenges of today's college student, to create a custom financial education plan for individual students.

Meet Our Coaches!

Jeanne Samake - Student Financial Literacy Coach

Caleb Smith - Student Financial Literacy Coach

Rasheeda Daugherty - Student Financial Literacy Marketing & Outreach