Ampersand Society, 2018 Cohort


Sophia is a biology major, completing the pre-medicine track. She plans to attend graduate school and aspires to become a physician-scientist, focusing her career in biomedical research. Sophia is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and participates actively in the Medical Service Organization (MSO). Within MSO, she serves on the social committee, works on the first aid service team, and volunteers at the Waco Humane Society. In her free time, Sophia enjoys playing the piano, kayaking, and rock climbing.


Eliza, a neuroscience major on the pre-medicine track, is also completing the Honors Program. She actively participates in Baylor Neuroscience Society and serves as secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. Through the Medical Service Organization, Eliza volunteers weekly at Ridgecrest Retirement & Health Care and also in the greater Waco community.


Madison studies chemistry and leadership at Baylor as a pre-medicine student. She aspires to attend medical school and complete a PhD in pathology or epidemiology. Madison helps incoming students acclimate to Baylor as a Welcome Week Leader. She works as a supplemental instructor for business pre-calculus and is a member of both Alpha Lambda Delta and Chemistry Honor Society. Madison volunteers with the Family Abuse Center in Waco and is a founding member of Alpha Phi Fraternity. Deeply invested in women's heart health, Madison is a member of the internal philanthropy committee for Alpha Phi. A Kentucky native, Madison loves basketball and cheering on both Baylor and the Kentucky Wildcats.


Callie, a University Scholar from Canyon, Texas, is concentrating in neuroscience and communication sciences and disorders. She hopes to combine these disciplines in research within the field of audiology and also teach graduate level audiology in the future. In the interest of supplementing her academic development in these fields, she is an active member of the National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA). Additionally, she is a Cranes Scholar and serves as the chair of the trustees for the Honors Residential College. In her free time, she enjoys photography, writing, and exploring the Waco area.


As a University Scholar, Carolyn studies biochemistry, sociology, and political science on the pre-medicine track. On campus, she helps plan mission trips for the Christian Pre-Health Fellowship and completed a two-week medical service trip to Uganda last term. She enjoys volunteering with Providence Hospice and works as a supplementary instructor for Biology 1305. She is currently part of Dr. Jason Pitt’s Arthropod Disease Vector Biology lab and works on a project relating carbon dioxide to choice oviposition sites for mosquitoes. In her free time, she enjoys stargazing with the Central Texas Astronomical Society, playing the violin, and building community at her home church, Harris Creek. Carolyn is deeply invested in studying tropical and infectious diseases, poverty, and politics, so she can one day work with underserved communities to improve their health outcomes.


Juan, a psychology major on the pre-physical therapy track, plans to specialize in sports medicine or orthopedics. He participates in SPOTA, the Student Physical and Occupational Therapy Association, Alpha Lambda Delta, and is the Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy Chair for LPHSA, Latino Pre-Health Student Association. In addition, Juan interns with the Providence Healthcare Network in Rehabilitation Services. In his free time, he enjoys running, going to the gym, spending time with friends, and watching sports. After graduating, Juan plans to attend an integrated DPT/PhD program with the intention to practice physical therapy and teach in the future.


A University Scholar, Kailey studies international relations and French and is completing the pre-medicine program. A Florida native, she aspires to practice medicine in developing francophone communities. She is an active participant in Alpha Epsilon Delta, serving as the Vice President of Social Events, and volunteers weekly at the Family Health Center in Waco. An avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast, Kailey enjoys competing on the Baylor Rock Climbing team. She plans to take classes and shadow physicians in France over the summer; after graduation she hopes to join the military and attend medical school to serve others across the globe.


Emma, a Science Research Fellow from Oregon, complements her studies in microbiology with a minor in philosophy. She is on the pre-medicine track and completing the Honors Program. Emma is interested in researching viral hemorrhagic fevers by combining medicine and research as an MD/PhD. A Baylor Ambassador, Emma is also committed to service through outreach programs in Waco and beyond. In her free time, Emma enjoys playing racquetball and discussing politics, philosophy, and science.


Elizabeth, an international studies major, participates in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and is completing the Honors program. Currently, she is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, and Le Cercle français. Additionally, Elizabeth is a published author of her poetry book titled, Stapled Sister, a seven-part poetic collection of her contemplations and imaginative thoughts. Her interests include poetry, travel, French, and international affairs.


Lindsay, a psychology major with a minor in child and family studies, is completing the pre-occupational therapy track. She plans to work in pediatrics in a hospital setting and is particularly invested in working with special-needs kids. She is a member of the Baylor chapters of Best Buddies and Alpha Lambda Delta. Lindsay loves to travel and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


Jana, a University Scholar from Wichita, Kansas, studies biology and Spanish at Baylor. She serves as the Vice President of Events in BURST (Baylor Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology) and on the Fifth Floor Service Committee of Baylor’s Honors Residential College. She also volunteers at ACE (Afterschool Centers on Education), tutoring and mentoring low-income students. Jana aspires to complete graduate study in genetic counseling in order to pursue a career in this field. She would also like to travel on mission trips to Central America both during and after college.


Cara studies political science and history as a University Scholar and is also a pre-law student. She participates in Alpha Lambda Delta, the honor society for first-year students, and Eta Sigma Phi, the honor society for Classical Studies. She is a content creator for the Odyssey Community at Baylor. This past summer, Cara attended the American Enterprise Institute’s Summer Honors Program and Mises University through the Mises Institute. Cara hopes to pursue graduate studies in the field of political science after completing her education at Baylor.


A biology major, Lydia is completing both the pre-medicine track and Honors Program at Baylor. In addition to her studies, she enjoys climbing the rock wall at the student life center, volunteering with the Medical Service Organization, and playing games with friends. Currently, Lydia is investigating a career in the healthcare as she desires a profession that will allow her to serve and care for others. Lydia hopes to secure a military scholarship through the HPSP (Health Professions Scholarship Program) to attend medical school and eventually provide health care to individuals serving in the United States military.


Dalton, a biology major, is completing both the pre-medicine track and the Honors Program. Interested in the intersection between healthcare and the humanities, he is active in the Baylor University Medical Ethics Discussion Society (BUMEDS) and serves as the organization’s treasurer. Between semesters, Dalton works as an Emergency Department Scribe, allowing him to work directly with physicians and observe the medical decision-making process. After graduation, he plans to attend medical school in Texas and eventually return to his native North Texas to pursue a career in emergency medicine.


Forrest studies biology and religion at Baylor and completing both the pre-medicine track and Honors Program. He participates in the Baylor University Medical Ethics Society (BUMEDS) society and serves on the leadership team for the Honors Residential College, where he leads events for service and spiritual development. He plans to attend medical school and pursue a career in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Forrest enjoys following sports and wade fishing the Laguna Madre Bay in South Texas. He enjoys meeting new people and engaging in conversation on a wide range of topics whether sports, academics, or life.


A Science Research Fellow concentrating in biochemistry and genetics, Joelle is also completing the pre-medicine track and Honors Program. She serves as an editor for the American Medical School Association newsletter and also for The Pulse, the undergraduate scholarly journal at Baylor. Joelle is an aspiring medical researcher and works in Dr. Joseph Taube’s lab to study the molecular mechanisms behind tumor formation and cancer metastasis. Through her passions in research and meaningful conversation, Joelle pursues truth in science, philosophy, and her faith in Christ, both in knowledge and in practical application.


Elijah, a University Scholar from Newhall, California, concentrates his studies in biology and the pre-medicince track at Baylor. He participates in the Medical Ethics Society and the American Sign Language Club. A registered EMT in California, Elijah plans to spend his summers working in an ambulance to get firsthand experience in the medical field. He plans to attend medical school and pursue a career in Emergency Medicine as an emergency room physician. He spends his free time practicing rock climbing, martial arts, and violin, with occasional bouts of creative writing.


Rylee studies neuroscience and is completing the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core curriculum. She plans to complete graduate study and practice as a clinical neuropsychologist. She is interested specifically in studying autism and sport-related concussions. At Baylor, she is involved with Baylor Missions and recently participated in a service trip focused on hunger and Hurricane Harvey relief. In addition to her service and academic endeavors, Rylee is a Community Leader at Penland Hall.


A University Scholar, Barcenia concentrates her studies in Spanish and medical humanities. She is also completing the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core curriculum and pre-medicine track. She enjoys volunteering in the Waco community through MAPS, the Multicultural Association of Pre-health Students--as she sees issues similar here to her native Cairo. She is part of Alpha Lambda Delta honor society and enjoys playing guitar and singing in her free time. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to attend medical school then use her education and Christian faith to serve in impoverished areas in the developing world.


Jackie complements her major in anthropology with minors in religion and poverty studies and also the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core curriculum. She is also completing the Honors Program. An assistant theatre teacher at the Jubilee Theatre, Jackie is heavily invested in working with children ranging in age from pre-kindergarten through high school. She also is involved in church leadership and co-leads a weekly Bible study. Jackie plans to attend seminary where she will continue equip herself to combat systemic poverty through a combination of missions and theatre.


Sean, a biology major on the pre-medicine track, works as the Editor-in-Chief of Baylor's undergraduate scientific journal, Scientia, and is a research assistant in Dr. Jo-Ann Tsang's Positive Psychology Laboratory. He is currently conducting independent research on the mediating effect of gratitude on the relationship between volunteering and depression. His work will be funded during the summer by an URSA grant. Additionally, he enjoys working as a lab technician in the Medical Entomology Lab with Dr. Cheolho Sim. He volunteers consistently with the First Aid Service Team (FAST), Baylor’s Medical Service Organization (MSO), and the Family Abuse Center. Sean is an officer of BURST (Baylor Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology) and mentors students weekly at La Vega High School. He also loves working as an Enzyme-Substrate mentor in AED (Alpha Epsilon Delta), the Pre-Health Honor Society. In his free time, Sean enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and searching for awesome food around Waco.


A Tennessee native, Deborah complements her major in medical humanities with a minor in business administration. She is also completing the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core curriculum and pre-medicine track. She actively participates in Baylor’s American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), which has given her the opportunity to volunteer at CareNet Pregnancy Center in Waco. Particularly interested in neonatal healthcare and hospital administration, Deborah hopes to find ways that hospitals can change their policies to better serve and aid families with premature infants. In her free time, Deborah enjoys baking and crafting.


Elijah, a California native, is a neuroscience major on the pre-medicine track and is also completing the Honors Program. He participates in the Spiritual Life Committee of the Honors Residential College and is an active member of BURST, a club that focuses on research in the areas of science and technology. In his free time, Elijah likes to freestyle on the piano and guitar, which are his musical outlets. Because of his love for music, he desires to research how it affects the brain and the healing process, a desire he hopes to fulfill throughout his undergraduate studies at Baylor.


Kayal, a University Scholar from Houston, studies political science and medical humanities at Baylor. She is also completing the Honors and pre-medicine programs. She is active in Baylor’s branch of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), serving on the Public Relations committee. Additionally, she is a member of Prosper, a new club at Baylor, where she goes to a local high school with a group of peers to teach students about college applications and prep them for the SAT. She will also be working as a Research Assistant at the Mind-Body Medicine Research Lab located in downtown Waco. After graduation, Kayal plans to attend medical school and hopes to eventually be in a position to enact changes in public policy regarding the US healthcare system.


Audrey, an English major and business administration minor, is completing both the Honors and Baylor Interdisciplinary Core programs. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi, a Greek life organization on campus, and volunteers with middle schoolers by leading a reading program. In her free time, she likes to read, to take pictures, and to spend time with her friends.


Emily, a biology major, is currently completing the pre-Physician Assistant program. She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity, and volunteers weekly with multiple organizations in Waco. Freshman year she took part in the SEA-PHAGES research program in the Department of Biology, which conducts bacteriophage genome research. She is the first author of a published research paper regarding the similarities and differences between bacteriophage tail fiber proteins. Additionally, last summer she conducted vaccine research for Swine Influenza at the Nebraska Center for Virology on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. Currently, Emily conducts research with Dr. Barr and is investigating viruses such as Zika, Dengue, and Yellow Fever. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, kayaking, and hiking through Cameron Park.


Michaela is completing the interdisciplinary core curriculum of the BIC and concentrating in international studies and Spanish as a University Scholar. A Missouri native, she hopes to pursue an international career in law or policy-making. She is a member of Clasped Hands in Service, a service sorority whose members volunteer on campus and in Waco weekly, and serves as a delegate of the Model Organization of American States. In addition, she is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Sigma Iota Rho. In her free time Michaela enjoys exercising, sleeping, and watching too much Netflix.


Varun, a psychology major with a minor in biology, is completing the pre-medicine track at Baylor. He enjoys volunteering through the AMSA, the American Medical Students Association, in the Waco community. Recently, he participated in research project, "A Disposition-Based Fraud Model: Theoretical Integration and Research Agenda," and is collaborating on the manuscript for publication. A Nebraska native, Varun enjoys fishing, running, and playing soccer and is also an avid reader. He aspires to attend medical school and specialize in either dermatology or psychiatry.


A University Scholar, Collin concentrates his studies in film and political science. He is not committed to one particular career path as yet. Collin hails from Bryan/College Station, Texas, and only escaped Aggieland by tooth and nail. His favorite pastimes are making comics and watching movies.


A Houston native, Ben studies political science and philosophy and is also completing the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core curriculum on the pre-law track. Ben actively participates in Baylor’s nationally ranked Mock Trial team as a witness and hopes to eventually go to law school and pursue a career in complex commercial litigation. Outside of class, Ben loves to read Cicero and watch the Astros.


Cole, a University Scholar, concentrates his studies in classics, anthropology, philosophy, and theology. He plans to complete doctoral studies and teach at the university level, working at the intersection between classical philosophy and theology and its consequences for modern Church doctrine and practices. Cole actively volunteers with and performs for Mission Waco's Jubilee Theatre and also serves as chair of the Academic Committee for the Honors Residential College.


Katherine is a sophomore Political Science major and is studying within the Honors College. She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and is involved in Model United Nations, Habitat for Humanity, and the Pre-Law Society. In her free time, Katherine enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, and listening to music. After graduation, Katherine plans to attend law school and pursue a career in politics and the law.


A University Scholar, Connor studies anthropology, biology, and public health at Baylor and is also completing the pre-medicine track. He is particularly interested in global health systems and their development and hopes to continue his schooling and obtain an MD/MPH to work in this field. Connor is a founder of Students Improving Childhood Education and Mental Health (SICEM), and volunteers at the Talitha Koum Institute, a mental health nursery. His research uses social media analytics to understand the methods different populations use to promote their physical and mental health. In his free time, Connor like to play sports and explore nature.


Zara, a pre-law University Scholar from Iowa, is concentrating her studies in political science and religion at Baylor. During the Fall 2018 semester, Zara studied in Washington, D.C., while interning in the Office of the Counselor to the Chief Justice at the Supreme Court of the United States. At Baylor, Zara is involved in the Baylor in Washington Student Advisory Committee, Baylor Ambassadors, and the McLane Scholars Program. She also volunteers on a weekly basis with ESL Emmanuel Ministry to assist teaching English to members of the Waco community. After graduation, Zara plans to go to law school in hopes to one day be a criminal prosecutor, and eventually, a federal judge.


A Houston native, Grace is a double-major studying environmental science and Spanish. She is an editor of The Pulse, a member of the Sustainable Student Advisory Board, and is currently looking forward to a semester abroad at the University of Cantabria in Santander. After Baylor, she plans to spend time in the Peace Corps working in environmental education before joining the field of conservation biology. Her special interests include wildlife management and conservation in Latin American countries, Spanish films, and anything outdoors.


Lauren combines study in English, creative writing, linguistics, and French as a University Scholar. She plans to attend graduate school to study British literature and hopes to be a college professor and author. Lauren currently serves as a trustee on the Honors Residential College Council. She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and served as a Welcome Week leader to help welcome first-year students into the Baylor community. Lauren studied abroad in Paris last summer taking classes in French. In her free time, she enjoys writing and filming videos about books for her YouTube channel.


A neuroscience major, Paige also studies forensic science at Baylor and aspires to work in a crime lab as a Forensic Toxicologist. She is an active member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society and volunteers at a local animal shelter, Fuzzy Friends, through the Medical Service Organization. Paige is also the treasurer of Baylor’s Forensic Society. She is currently studying abroad at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia for the Spring 2019 semester. At the University of Sydney, Paige is involved in the Wildlife Society and the Food Adventure Society.


A University Scholar, Anna concentrates her studies in religion, business, and the sciences in preparation for dental school. She hopes to utilize these various areas of study by running her own dental practice one day. She envisions a dental practice that views the patient in a holistic manner and currently shadows biological dentists. In her free time, Anna loves volunteering as a tutor for both KAST and PROSPER, teaching middle and high schoolers science and test preparation skills.