Teaching Internationally

Abaarso School, Somaliland, Africa
Abaarso School of Science and Technology looks for teachers interested in training the top secondary students in a deeply underprivileged section of the world. This new boarding school, based in the Horn of Africa, focuses on math, science and English. Teachers spend approximately 20 hours per week in the classroom, plus significant work outside of class. Many Abaarso teachers also assume management roles, and all are expected to lead extra-curricular activities by coaching sports teams, running student clubs, or leading work-time activities. Abaarso is always seeking professionals with experience in finance, business, IT, computer networking, communications, marketing, and/or management experience to strengthen the organization. While most teachers will be based in the boarding school, there are opportunities to teach in the Adult English, School of Finance, MBA, and Primary School Tutoring programs in Hargeisa.
Austria Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship Program
The Republic of Austria offers, each year, more than 140 college graduates from the United States the opportunity to teach in Austria under the auspices of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs (BMBF) Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship Program. The purpose of this program, which draws assistants not only from the English-speaking world but also from France, Italy, Russia, and Spain, is to bring talented and enthusiastic young people from abroad into the classrooms of secondary schools in communities large and small all over Austria. Ultimately, it is the job of these native speakers as teaching assistants to make learning a foreign language a lively cross-cultural encounter for their students.
CIEE Teach Abroad
Since 1947, CIEE: the Council on International Educational Exchange has been in pursuit of its mission, "to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world." CIEE offers paid teaching positions in seven countries: Chile, China, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam for university graduates looking to teach English abroad and immerse themselves in a foreign community.
English Program in Korea
The English Program in Korea (EPIK), affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, was established in 1995 to improve the English speaking abilities of students and teachers in Korea, to develop cultural exchanges, and to reform English teaching methodologies in Korea. Teaching committments are for one year, and EPIK teachers can expect to assist Korean teachers with their English classes, and/or jointly conduct English classes with Korean teachers; to conduct English conversation classes for Korean students and teachers; to prepare teaching materials for English language education; to assist in developing teaching materials for English language education; and to assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities. EPIK evaluates candidates thoroughly for their mastery of the English language, both written and spoken.
French Embassy Teaching Assistantship
This program offers students the opportunity to work in France for 7 to 9 months teaching English to French students of all ages. This teaching program sponsored by the French Government offers 1,600 teaching assistant positions in French primary and secondary schools and in the French teaching colleges ("IUFM") in all regions of France and the DOM-TOMs (overseas departments) in French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Reunion. The goal of the program is to strengthen English-language instruction in the French educational system through the establishment of a native speaker presence. Several Baylor students have participated in this program throughout the years.
Interac Assistant Language Teachers, Japan
Interac is Japan's leading private provider of Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs). Interac recruits highly motivated and qualified teachers to serve thousands of schools and boards of education throughout every region of Japan, working with children from kindergarten to high school. The ALT's job is two-fold: language instructor and cultural ambassador. You can expect to teach classes on your own, with a Japanese teacher present to help manage the classroom. Although there are three types of Japanese schools, you can reasonably expect to teach in at least two. The most common situation is as an ALT in elementary and junior high schools, with a majority of your time teaching spent at the junior high school level. As a point of clarification: "ALT" is a title coined by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to describe native-level speakers of English working in Japanese classrooms.
International Schools Services, International Teaching Placement
For over 60 years, International School Services (ISS) has been dedicated to supplying international schools with everything they need to provide their students with a world-class education. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, ISS offers only the best in staff recruitment and job placement. ISS has managed nearly 100 company-sponsored schools and currently works with more than 300 international schools. You can explore their website for teaching positions throughout the world.
Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET)
The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) administers the JET Programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and local government organizations in Japan. CLAIR provides support for JET participants by arranging each participant's arrival and holding orientation seminars, as well as providing counselling and distributing a wide variety of essential resource materials and information.

Each year the JET Programme recruits more than one thousand new JET participants to come to Japan and work as (1) Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) who provide language instruction in elementary, junior and senior high schools, (2) as Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) who work in communities on international exchange activities, or (3) as Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs) who promote international exchange through sports. Appointments are for one year.
North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain
The North American Language and Culture Assistants Program is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain to provide North American students who are native speakers of English or French with the opportunity to assist teachers in the English or French programs in elementary, secondary or language schools in Spain (12 to 16 class periods a week). The program is addressed to US and Canadian university students--majoring in any subject--and graduates, with some proficiency in Spanish. Students will spend a full academic year in Spain, typically from the beginning of October through the end of May. Preferred placement in different Spanish regions can be requested. Participants in the program will receive a monthly stipend and medical coverage.
NYU Shanghai Speaking & Writing Fellows

The NYU Shanghai Writing and Speaking Fellowship enables accomplished individuals with a passion for teaching to provide academic support and enrichment to NYU Shanghai’s multicultural student body. Fellows provide academic support to current undergraduate students through one-on-one writing consultations. Working closely with faculty and staff, Fellows can be found tutoring at the Academic Resource Center (ARC), teaching workshops in and out of the classroom, and pursuing their own research and creative projects. The fellowship provides a US$25,000 stipend, round-trip transport to Shanghai, health insurance, and housing during the 10-month placement.

National Deadline: 9 January 2018

Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK)
Teach and Learn in Korea, also known as the TaLK Program, is a unique scholarship opportunity for undergraduates who are seeking a personal, professional and educational experience in the Republic of Korea. The program, which began in April of 2008 under the direction of South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak, is designed to support public English education in the rural areas of Korea, where the access to higher quality educational resources are limited.

It is the only government-sponsored English program in South Korea that provides an opportunity for undergraduates with at least 2 years of post-secondary education to come to South Korea for an once-in-a-lifetime experience. TaLK committments are typically one year in length. All participants begin their scholarship term with an intensive, month-long training which provides a safe and supervised environment for our participants to adjust to their new surroundings. The training program provides the new Scholars with information on Korean culture, education, classroom management, practical teaching experience, and much more aimed at preparing the participants for both teaching and living in Korea.
Teach and Learn with Georgia
Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG), a progressive education movement initiated by the Georgian government, recruits native English, French, and German speakers to co-teach English, French, and German alongside local teachers in public schools throughout the country of Georgia. TLG aims to improve Georgia’s nationwide foreign language proficiency in an effort towards further globalization. TLG requires volunteers to have completed two years of their undergraduate education; thus, current students or recent graduates are eligible to apply. Committments are for one academic year.
TeachingChile is a recruitment and placement company, headquartered in Santiago, Chile. We provide full-service assistance for qualified applicants to receive a job offer from a reputable Chilean school, visa processing arrangements, and preferred housing reservations, all of which are confirmed before the applicant boards the airplane to teach in Chile.

TeachingChile works closely with Chilean schools and universities, all with the common goal to advance the nation’s working knowledge of English. The company offers teaching opportunities to work with students in three distinct categories: children ages 5 to 18 (grades Kindergarden-12), university level, and adult learners, based upon the teacher's interest and experience level. The schools within the TeachingChile network are not seeking volunteers to work for free or for a small monthly stipend. Instead TeachingChile program participants receive a full monthly salary, directly from the school, comparable to what local Chilean teachers earn.

Chile’s school system is divided into two semesters:the first commencing roughly the 1st of March and the second around the 1st of August. TeachingChile’s opportunities are typically five- and ten-month programs which include an in-country orientation and extensive training prior to each semester’s session commencing. Some institutes require teachers from abroad commit for one full year; others are flexible. As a participant in this program, teachers will be afforded opportunities to learn more about Chile’s culture and the impact their contributions will have on its economy.
Teach for China Fellowships
Teach For China (formerly known as the China Education Initiative or CEI) recruits, selects, trains, and supports outstanding US and Chinese graduates to work side-by-side to deliver an excellent education in high poverty, rural Chinese communities. In the short-term, Teach For China’s Fellows are placed in full-time, two-year teaching commitments at under-resourced schools, where they meet the pressing need for exceptional educators. In the long-term, Teach For China supports its alumni--equipped with the experience, conviction, and insight that comes from leading children to fulfill their potential--to be a force for change, working from across sectors to expand educational opportunity.
Teach Thailand Corps
Teach Thailand Corps (TTC), established by the American-Thai Foundation in collaboration with Yonok Foundation, focuses on strengthening primary and secondary school education in Thailand, particularly in high-need areas. TTC recruits and places American graduates in schools in less-developed provinces to teach English and other subjects. Thai students equipped with English proficiency are better positioned to succeed in school, work, and life, and to make an impact in their communities. TTC aims to fill the needs of underserved schools in English-language education and offers an overall enhancement in the quality of teaching and community/school involvement. In developing the program, we have learned from and applied elements of the Peace Corps philosophy of service and learning.

In return, for our teachers' service, Teach Thailand Corps provides invaluable experience to support each volunteer’s goals of personal and professional development, in preparation for their future careers. Opportunities abound for travel and internships in various fields of interest, including social work, business, medicine and public health, and international development during school breaks or following the end of the school year. Importantly, our volunteers/teachers will have firsthand exposure to international development in the midst of the dynamic and rising ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region.
World Teach
World Teach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1986 in response to the need for educational assistance in developing countries. WorldTeach has placed thousands of volunteer educators in communities throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Pacific. Volunteers are placed in schools and host communitities that specifically request WorldTeach volunteers and would otherwise be unable to afford or locate qualified teachers. Volunteers receive training, language preparation, and field support empowering them to make an impact that will last long after they leave.