Victim Confidentiality

Baylor University recognizes the sensitive nature of sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking and is committed to protecting the privacy of any individual who reports these incidents to the Baylor Police Department. Different officials on campus are, however, able to offer varying levels of privacy protection to victims. Reports made to law enforcement, including if criminal prosecution is pursued, may be made public and shared with the accused.

Reports made to Baylor University officials will be kept confidential, and identifying information about the victim shall not be made public. Reports made to medical professionals, licensed mental health counselors, and pastoral counselors who are acting within their official capacity will not be shared with third parties except in cases of imminent danger to the victim or a third party.

In accordance with Chapter 57 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures, victims may use a pseudonym to protect their identity when reporting sexual violence offenses or family violence offenses to Texas law enforcement agencies. A pseudonym is a set of initials, or a fictitious name, chosen by the victim to be used in all public files and records concerning the sexual assault.