Campus Security Authorities (CSA)

CSA Responsibilities

CSAs are encouraged to report all crimes reported to them, on a timely basis, to The Baylor University Police Department. However, under the Clery Act, CSAs are only obligated to report, Clery Act qualifying crimes which occurred on campus, in public areas bordering campus and in certain non-campus buildings owned or controlled (leased) by the University. The qualifying crimes and geographic designations are defined in the training provided on-line. CSAs are not required to report qualifying crimes if they know that the incident has previously been reported to the Baylor Police Department. By creating the CSA position to include non-law enforcement personnel, the Clery Act recognizes that many individuals, including students, may not feel comfortable reporting crimes to the police, but might report incidents to other campus authorities. The expectation is that with CSAs passing the reportable crimes on to the Baylor Police Department the crime statistics that are compiled for the annual report will be more accurate.


CSA Crime Reporting

When a crime is reported to a CSA please ask the individual if they would be willing to report the incident to the Baylor Police Department. If they agree please assist the complainant in making contact with the Baylor Police Department by calling (254) 710-2222.

If the complainant does not wish to contact the police the CSA will need to complete a Baylor Police Department CSA report Form for all Clery qualifying crimes. The report needs to be submitted in a timely fashion. If the crime reported presents an imminent threat to the Baylor campus immediately call the Baylor Police Department. If not, the CSA can submit the report online, print the report and bring it in person to the Baylor Police Department or mail the report to the Baylor Police Department, One Bear Place, #97090, Waco, Texas, 76798.

If the reported crime is made in good faith, meaning that there is a reasonable basis for believing that the information is not rumor or hearsay, then the crime is Clery reportable. CSAs, when interacting with the crime reporting party, need to gather incident information that would provide sufficient detail to properly classify the incident. This means CSAs need to document reporting party responses or lack thereof. Reporting party identifying information should only be included in the Report Form if the reporting party is willing to provide the same. CSA’s should not investigate the crime or attempt to determine whether a crime, in fact, took place. When in doubt, a Report Form should be completed and submitted!


What is done with CSA Report Forms?

Baylor University Police Department officials will review Report forms submitted and determine if an incident warrants timely warning/emergency notification of the University community and whether it is a reportable crime in the Annual Security Report. The 2019 Annual Fire Safety and Security Report is published and posted for viewing. Hard copies are available upon request.


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