External Groups

External Groups applying to operate a youth program or activity on campus must obtain Dean or Department Head approval. External Groups assume full responsibility for the supervision of all minor participants and full compliance with the Protection of Minors Policy,  including but not limited to yearly:



All events are coordinated by Institutional Events. Please visit their page at https://www.baylor.edu/events/index.php?id=97921 and complete an Event Proposal. If you have specific questions or need immediate assistance, please contact Institutional Events at: Office: (254) 710.4105 FAX: (254) 710.4640 events@baylor.edu

External Groups or Users can reference the LEARNING LAUNCH if online training is needed.

The Hosting Department’s Dean or Department Head, or designee, serves as the liaison in the administrative capacity responsible for ensuring that all required  information is submitted properly by te External Group including, but not limited to the Third-Party Acknowledgment Agreement.



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