Driving for Baylor

Driving Policy All drivers for Baylor are required to be familiar with this policy.

Authorization and Release to Obtain Information (Request to drive for Baylor)
To drive a Baylor vehicle or rent/drive a rental vehicle on behalf of Baylor, you must become an approved driver.

  • Fill out this form and return it to the Insurance Program Manager. You will receive an email within 10 working days with the result.
  • Do not submit this form if you have not yet had 3 years experience with driving. Past license numbers may be required to collect your last 3 year history of driving.
  • This approval will need to be renewed after two years.

Approved Driver List To be viewed by Faculty & Staff Only. Check here to see that faculty, staff, or student is an approved Baylor driver. Checking each "Approved Until" date will show if their driving status has expired or is still current.

Van Driving

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • You are required to pass an on-line van quiz before driving a van on behalf of Baylor.
  • This test only has to be taken successfully one time. You do not need to retake this van quiz every two years with every two year driving renewal.

Essential Forms for Vehicles

Keep a copy of the Automobile Accident Reporting Guide, a copy of the University's auto insurance identification card, and a copy of the Auto Accident Report Form in your vehicle (rental vehicles, dealer loaner vehicles, and Baylor-owned vehicles) at all times.

Automobile Accident Reporting Guide
Information on what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident in a rental vehicle, dealer loaner vehicle or Baylor owned vehicle.

Auto Accident Report Form
Use this fillable form to report an automobile accident per the instructions in the Automobile Accident Reporting Guide.

Auto Insurance Cards

Contact for questions:
Jamie Gibson
Insurance Program Manager
Fax 710-6256
Box #97371