Driving for Baylor

  • Complete ALL fields on the Authorization and Consent form (click "Request to Drive" on the right).
  • Forms must be submitted together via Fax 254-710-6256 or mailed to:  University Compliance and Risk Services One Bear Place #97371 Waco, TX 76706.
  • If your license is in Washington you must complete Baylor's Request to Drive Application, Release Form, and Washington Driving Record Release of Interest Form
  • Do not submit forms if you have not had 2 years of driving experience or have not completed the forms entirely. Past license numbers may be required to collect your driving history.
  • We require "wet" ink signature. Do not submit electronic signatures as forms will not be processed.
  • List department by Baylor given name. Ex. UA or Admissions should be typed as Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Submit your request to drive at least two weeks prior to your drive date to allow processing time and your completion of assigned trainings.
  • Once you have completed ALL assigned training(s) you and the supervisor/department head listed on your form will receive an email confirmation stating you are authorized to drive on behalf of Baylor.
  • Driver authorization and driver training must be renewed every 3 years unless you receive citations or changes occur to your license. 
  • Driver must report any moving violations or accidents within 24 hours to Risk Management and drivers department head. 
  • Before asking someone to drive on behalf on the University please ensure they are authorized to drive by checking the Authorized Driver List.


Important Reminders

  • All assigned training must be completed before driver authorization will occur.
    • Required training for all drivers:
      • Baylor Driving Policy
      • Distracted Driving Prevention
      • Driver Safety On and Off campus
        • Additional modules as assigned:
        • ATV and UTV Safety
        • Golf Cart Safety
        • 15 or Fewer Passenger Van Driver Safety
    • Applicant and the Department Supervisor listed on the application will receive an email once the requested driver is authorized to drive on behalf of Baylor University.
    • If you choose to drive your personal vehicle for Baylor business, your personal insurance will be primary coverage and you will be responsible for paying your deductible.

    If you have specific driver questions please contact our Risk Specialist

    Donna Haberman

    Essential Forms for Vehicles

    Keep a copy of the Automobile Accident Reporting Guide and a copy of the University's auto insurance identification card in your vehicle (rental vehicles, dealer loaner vehicles, and Baylor-owned vehicles) at all times.

    Automobile Accident Reporting Guide
    Information on what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident in a rental vehicle, dealer loaner vehicle or Baylor owned vehicle.

    Incident Report Form - Complete the incident form for all automobile accidents.

    Auto Insurance Cards

    If you have specific questions or need immediate assistance please contact our Insurance Program Manager

    Jamie Gibson