Protection of Minors


Baylor University is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment exists for all staff, students and visitors to the campus and strives to conduct its operations and maintain its facilities in a manner consistent with its mission with a tradition of service and access. Activities involving minors are integral to our mission of creating and disseminating knowledge for the betterment of society.


The university recognizes that numerous circumstances exist in which non-enrolled minor children either visit campus facilities or otherwise have contact with university representatives, including faculty, staff, volunteers and students. The university offers many coordinated opportunities for minor children to visit campus through scheduled campus events, academic and non-academic programs, or as guests of students and employees. With this understanding, Baylor University recognizes both its institutional and legal obligations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of minor children who are on campus, in university facilities, participating in university-sponsored events, or involved with university-affiliated individuals. This policy also does not apply to general public events where parents/guardians are invited/expected to provide supervision of minors, or to events where parents/guardians are explicitly required to accompany their children.


Departments that are sponsoring programs or activities involving minors should register the program with Baylor Institutional Events (BIE). The individual responsible for the operation of a program involving non-enrolled minors is responsible. For more information on registration, specific to time frames and requirements please refer to the Baylor Institutional Events Website.


All Baylor University programs that involves non-enrolled minors on campus , must adhere to required screening and criminal background check every 2 years through Baylor University Office of Human Resources. All departments hosting a program involving minors are responsible for the screening/selection of selected staff and employees. These steps must be completed before an applicant is cleared to work with minors in a paid or unpaid position. Baylor University reserves the right to conduct background screening any time after employment or volunteer service has begun. All background screening accomplished by or on behalf of Baylor University will comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other relevant privacy laws. For questions regarding Criminal Background Checks progress and status, please contact Baylor University Office of Human Resources at or by phone at 254-710-2000.


For Baylor Sponsored Programs, all Administrators, faculty, staff, employees, students, volunteers, contractors and consultants whom are in positions with the possibility of care, supervison, guidance or control of minors, or routine interaction with minors are required to succesfully complete the Baylor University online prevention training every 2 years. For questions related to training requirements, please contact Child Protection Coordinator Reggie Miller at 254-710-3867 or via email at


Baylor University plays host to a number of events involving minors. Members of Baylor’s community who obtain knowledge of suspected child abuse or neglect are legally required to report it immediately to the appropriate authorities. Texas’ disclosure laws apply to all individuals, including health care professionals, chaplain staff, and counselors. Texas Family Code mandates that anyone who suspects child abuse or neglect must report it immediately. If you suspect Child abuse or Neglect has taken place on Baylor University campus or at any Baylor function, immediately make a report to Baylor University Police at (254) 710-2222 or The Department of Family and Protective Services at 1-800-254-252-5400. Internally please notify Child Protection Coordinator Reggie Miller at 254-214-0442.


External non-University groups that apply to operate programs or activities involving minors on Baylor University’s campus are required toe be registered through Baylor Institutional Events Services at The external non - University program utilizing Baylor University facilities are required to comply with all aspects of Baylor University’s Minors on Campus Policy. The non University group is required to provide certification to the University Department Hosting the event, that all staff working the event, who may have contact with minors has completed a sexual abuse child molestation training and a criminal background check along with a roster of staff working the event prior to the events start date. The external Third Party non- University group will be required to provide appropriate insurance coverages naming Baylor as an additional insured along with a roster of staff working the event. All departments hosting an external event are required to insure compliance thresholds are met. For questions regarding insurance requirements and coverage, please contact Insurance Analyst Jamie Hinojosa at 254-710-3867. Reggie Miller Manager of Youth Protection and Compliance Analyst Governance & Risk Baylor University 254-710-3867 office •Hotline 866-607-SAFE (7233) •Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (CPS) Hotline◦1-800-254-5400 •Texas Department of State Health Services

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