Michael Ruse

Michael Ruse is the Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy, at Florida State University. Ruse is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has had a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Killam Fellowship, and a Templeton award.

The major project on which Michael Ruse has been engaged for almost two decades is an analysis of science and culture, using evolutionary biology as a case study. In 1986 he published Taking Darwin Seriously: A Naturalistic Approach to Philosophy. In Monad to Man: The Concept of Progress in Evolutionary Biology, Ruse looked at the way in which evolutionary thought has been an epiphenomenon of the social idea of progress, and how this has interacted with evolutionists' desires to be taken seriously as professional scientists. In Mystery of Mysteries: Is Evolution a Social Construction? Ruse takes on the social constructivist debate, trying to see how cultural values get expelled from science through the course of development, but also how culture persists through the use of metaphor. In his latest work, Darwin and Design: Science, Philosophy, Religion, he looks at the implications of Darwinism for our thinking about teleology, and whether this has important consequences in science, philosophy and religion.