Everett Mendelsohn

Everett Mendelsohn is professor and former chair of the History of Science Department at Harvard University, where he has been on the faculty since 1960. He is the founder and former editor of the Journal of the History of Biology and a founder of the yearbook Sociology of the Sciences. He serves or has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, Social Science and Medicine, Social Epistemology, Social Studies of Science, and Fundamenta Scientiae, among others. He is past president of the International Council for Science Policy Studies and has been deeply involved in the relations between science and modern war. He is a founder of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Committee on Science, Arms Control, and National Security and of the American Academy of Arts and Science's Committee on International Security Studies. He is a founder and first president of the Cambridge-based Institute for Peace and International Security. He was awarded the Gregor Mendel Medal of the reorganized Czechoslovak Academy of Science in 1991. During 1994, he held the Olof Palme Professorship in Sweden. He was awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Prize in 1996.

Among Dr. Mendelsohn's recent publications are the jointed edited volumes, The Practices of Human Genetics (1999); Technology, Pessimism and Postmodernism (1993); and Science, Technology, and the Military (1988). He also has written recent articles that include: "Thinking Like a Mountain: The Epistemological Puzzle of Environmentalism"; "The Politics of Pessimism: Science and Technology Circa 1968"; "Prophet of Our Discontent, Lewis Mumford Confronts the Bomb": "The Social Locus of Scientific Instruments"; "Religions Fundamentalism and the Sciences"; "Grasping the Elusive Peace in the Middle East"; and "The Eugenic Temptation." Dr. Mendelsohn's other activities focus on the Middle East and have been carried out in conjunction with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, where he serves as chair of its Committee on Middle East Studies, and with the American Friends (Quakers) Service Committee, where he has chaired Middle East committees and has been involved in efforts at international agreements and reconciliation. His books, A Compassionate Peach: A Future for Israel, Palestine , and the Middle East (1989) and Israeli-Palestinian Security Issues in the Permanent Status Negotiations (co-authored with Jeffrey Boutwell, 1995) are detailed studies of the Middle East conflicts with proposals for resolution.