Providing Academic Support to Students Impacted by Harvey: Frequently Asked Questions

August 29, 2017
We have many students at Baylor who have family within the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey or who call that area home. Dr. Wes Null, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Institutional Effectiveness, will serve as a point of contact for any academic deans who have questions about the steps that should be taken to support these students. Dr. Null has developed this list of Frequently Asked Questions to provide guidance.

What is Baylor doing to support students academically?
Deans, department chairs, and faculty members have been encouraged to work with students who have been directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey by assisting them with coursework outside of normal class hours (or through electronic means) until these students have been able to assist their families with the recovery effort. When appropriate, instructors also have been encouraged, on a short-term basis, to consider excusing absences for those students who have been most directly impacted by the Hurricane.

How should students request assistance?
Students who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey should contact their Academic Dean’s office to let that office know that they are in need of support. Deans’ offices will then work with each student on a case by case basis to determine what steps should be taken. Students who are unsure which Dean’s office to contact should reach out to their academic advisor for that information.

What academic options are available to affected students?
The first decision students need to make is whether or not they believe that the impact of the Hurricane will be short-term or long-term. Students who anticipate a short-term impact (perhaps less than two weeks) can reasonably expect that, through their work with faculty and administrators, they can continue their coursework. If, however, students expect that the impact will be long-term, other options should be considered. To discuss these options, students should contact their instructors directly as well as the appropriate Dean’s office.

What additional resources are available to students who may be struggling?
As always, staff within the Paul L. Foster Success Center stand ready to support students who need extra tutoring support, have questions about their chosen major, or wish to enroll in courses that will help them to succeed academically at Baylor. Additional information about resources within the Success Center can be found here:

In addition to the Success Center, students can take advantage of counseling services through the Baylor Counseling Center. Students may make an appointment using this link,, or may contact Meghan Becker at if they have questions. Faculty and staff may also refer a student for additional support through the online Report It! system by completing a Students of CARE Report.

Staff within Baylor’s Department of Spiritual Life also are prepared to support students who are going through difficult times. For more information on the resources available through Spiritual Life, students can click here:
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