Response to Harvey Update

August 28, 2017

Our hearts ache for those impacted by the unprecedented devastation from Hurricane Harvey along the Texas coast and in Houston and southeast Texas. Many among our Baylor Family -- alumni, students, parents, faculty and staff -- have been personally affected by this catastrophic storm. While in Waco, we have been spared any storm damage, we are ever mindful of the needs of those in the storm's path.

Many of you are asking, what can we, as a University, do to help? Here is what we can tell you:

  • First, continue to pray. As President Livingstone said Sunday night, "Pray that in the coming days they will be filled with hope, reassurance and restoration. We encourage our Baylor Family to stay safe and join together in prayer for God's comfort, mercy and protection for those impacted by this devastating storm."
  • The University has reached out to students whose home addresses indicate their families reside in the affected areas to check on them and offer assistance as needed.
  • The University advises students and the campus community to remain in Waco and avoid travel to the impacted areas. Travel is limited and it is important to allow emergency response in those areas to proceed without complication.
  • Baylor is continuing to monitor the situation and arising needs in conjunction with emergency management officials and has advised these agencies that the University is ready and standing by to assist.
    • As of right now, the state has established shelters in Bell County and Dallas. Local emergency management officials are coordinating with state officials on additional shelter needs, should those arise. We will await the instruction of our local officials.
    • Baylor is in discussions with emergency management agencies regarding donations of actual goods. Once those needs are defined, the University will engage student groups and appropriate University resources to support these efforts.
  • If any faculty and staff are involved in relief efforts outside of Baylor, please let us know by sending this information to
  • The Diana R. Garland School of Social Work on the campus of South Main Baptist Church in downtown Houston, Texas, will remain closed through Wednesday, Aug. 30. Students in this program are encouraged to reach out to their faculty about virtual classes.
  • Baylor has launched a Harvey response website at Please monitor your email and this website for the latest information about specific actions members of our Baylor Family can take to assist in relief efforts.

As a caring community, it is our nature to help in times like this. In these early days, you might consider supporting the American Red Cross and Texas Baptist Men as they work to provide shelter, dry clothing and food to those in need. We lift our prayers for God's mercy and grace on the people in these affected areas and on the first responders, emergency personnel and volunteers who are there to support and comfort them.

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