STEM Day Activities for Schools, Students and Parents

Baylor is committed to sharing the benefits of scientific discovery throughout our community. We’re proud to join in the celebration of National STEM Day, a nationwide celebration of all the ways young people can explore their interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics!

As part of Baylor’s new Research Impacts initiative, we’re offering a free activity to help schools and families have some hands-on fun while learning about an exciting STEM field. Each activity will include a “Meet the Scientist” video featuring a Baylor faculty member discussing their research, and an activity video with step-by-step instructions for an easy STEM activity you can complete at home or school. 

We hope these videos and activities will encourage children to learn more about STEM topics and consider becoming part of the next generation of scientists and engineers!


Here’s how to get started:

  1. First, download a card
  2. Second, print off the card of your choice.
    • You’ll need the following materials to complete the project:
      • Colored markers or crayons
      • Clear tape
      • CR2032 coin battery
      • Pencil
      • 12 inches of .5 inch copper tape strips or heavy duty foil
      • One 5 mm light diode
        (Copper tape and diodes are available at local hardware or craft stores, or on Amazon)
    • Detailed instructions are on the card, but it’s helpful to watch this instructional video first:
  3. Create your card!

Meet the Scientist

In this “Meet the Scientist” video, get to know Dr. Vincent Leung, whose work improves the batteries in our cell phones, supports national defense and even seeks to help paralyzed individuals use their brains to type. Open this world to your students in the video below: