Grant Toolkits

Research Development has created over 500 resources for Baylor faculty, postdocs, and graduate students to help them write more competitive grants.  Housed in Box, each grant toolkit includes:

Grant Planner

  • Excel document that helps you keep track of your grant tasks with 8 tabs: Grant Components, Grant Steps, Grant Team Contacts, To-do, Formatting, Review Criteria, URA contacts, and Support Office contacts.

Grant Shell

  • a Word document to use in writing your grant. The shell contains a checklist of all grant components with links to instructions and guides; headers for each component of the grant; and comments with funder instructions for each component.

Baylor Guides and Templates

  • guides for writing different components and templates for facilities and letters are provided in links within both the grant planner and shell. 

Grant Toolkits

Click here to view the index of all grant toolkits or view the links below for the most frequently used resources by funding agency:

Grant Planner Explainer Video