Proposal Deadline Guidelines

Pre-Award Proposal Deadline Submission

As Baylor’s research enterprise grows, the demand for pre-award services throughout the University is likewise increasing. To accommodate that growth and facilitate the submission of high-quality proposals, Baylor OVPR is adopting industry-standard internal deadlines for faculty to follow in partnership with their University Research Administrator.

Your URA is now your first contact for any proposal submission. To the right, you’ll find frequently asked questions about the process and benefits of working with URAs. To facilitate that workflow and ensure the highest quality of the finished product, the following internal deadlines are implemented for all submissions.

Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline
Notify your URA of a submission as early as possible. By 10 business days out, provide URA with all information needed for the URA to prepare the administrative portions of the proposal. Between days 10 and 5, collaborate with your URA to complete the proposal and route for all required approvals.
Completed, approved proposal (including draft technical) is due to Pre-Award and must be submitted at this time.
Provide final technical portions to URA
Before Sponsor Deadline
Pre-Award reviews, requests changes, and submits proposal