Build a Team

The office of research development can help facilitate the development of a collaborative and interdisciplinary research team by:
  • Identifying and introducing potential internal and external collaborators to build an interdisciplinary research team
  • Supporting the development of interdisciplinary research teams through hosting brainstorming sessions to identify interested collaborators, identifying the roles and responsibilities of each collaborator, and articulating shared visions
  • Assisting with partnerships for targeting human subjects research populations
  • Identifying outreach opportunities to address broader impacts criterion of federal funders
  • Providing training on Pivot to identify inter- and intra-University scholars to identify potential collaborators
  • Coordinating expert review of internal grant proposals to provide investigators with an experience similar to that of a federal proposal review panel

Build a Team Resources

Search for collaborators

  • PIVOT, an online database that can identify researcher expertise from within or outside of the university
  • Mendeley, an academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research

Schedule meetings

Manage shared tasks

  • Trello, a visual project management system that allows teams to organize and prioritize projects in a flexible way
  • GEM, a web-based collaborative tool containing behavioral, social science, and other relevant scientific measures