Research & Development

Baylor University is an ideal partner for companies with research and development needs. Our outstanding faculty, students and facilities can help build on your existing capacity to deliver results quickly, at low cost and with flexible intellectual property terms.

Unlike other universities where faculty and facilities are locked into silos and cooperation is difficult, Baylor’s core research facilities are available to faculty across campus, making interdisciplinary work easy and affordable.

Research & Development Steps

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement

An NDA sets the terms for confidential sharing of information necessary to formalize a research partnership.

2. Statement of Work

In consultation with the industry partner, Baylor faculty outline the scope of work to be completed and a timeline for deliverables.

3. Budget

Baylor faculty and URA staff lay out the costs of the agreed-upon research.

4. Sponsored Research Agreement

Every research arrangement is different, so SRAs begin with a basic template and add flexible terms that meet the needs of both parties.

5. Intellectual Property Options

Baylor offers a range of IP options including full company ownership or licensing of IP held by the university.

Long-Term Collaboration

For longer-term collaborations across multiple projects, a collaborative research agreement defines the scope of the research relationship and sets the terms for multiple projects. Individual projects within the scope of the CRA have separate statements of work and budgets, all with flexible terms based on the needs of our partners.

Growing With Your Needs

For even larger needs, Baylor can build out customized infrastructure to support ongoing research partnerships. Core facilities, endowed faculty lines, postdoctoral researchers and students can be added to expand upon existing capacities to support customer needs.

Core Facilities

Baylor offers a wide range of research facilities to assist our faculty in performing research to help industry partners solve their research and development. These core facilities are available to any faculty member on campus, making it easy to perform complex, interdisciplinary research to meet industry needs. Click here to learn more about Baylor's core facilities.