Principal Investigator Research Investment Program

Faculty may request up to $10K to address specific problems mentioned in critiques of a major external (>$100K) proposal. This program is designed to strengthen or produce proposals, which have a high probability of attracting significant external funding.


Research to Strengthen an Unfunded Proposal

A PI who has had a major external proposal (total cost >$100,000) favorably reviewed but not funded may request up to $10,000 from the Vice Provost for Research. These funds are to be used to address the specific problems mentioned in the critiques and to carry out the research necessary to make a resubmission more competitive.

Research to Produce an External Proposal

A PI who must conduct pilot studies or carry out preliminary experiments to enhance the competitiveness of an external proposal under development for submission may request up to $10,000.


The faculty member must submit the planned proposal to an external funding agency within one year of receiving funding from this program.


A faculty member will not normally be eligible to apply for any other internal funding programs administered by the Vice Provost for Research, including URC funds, until the research proposed in the request has been accomplished and a proposal has been submitted/resubmitted to an external agency for funding. Funds may not be used for the compensation of faculty members.

Application Procedure

A PI should apply for funds as early as possible. A cover letter detailing the nature of the request, the amount requested and a justification for the request is required. In addition to a working copy of the proposal (along with the most recent reviews if applicable), a detailed budget, and the guidelines of the agency with any cost match specified must be included along with the application letter. The request must be supported by the department Chair / Dean / Director of Sponsored Programs and must include any other internal match sources. The request should be submitted to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.